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  • The Role Of Violence In Rap Music

    There has been controversy surrounding rap music has been in the forefront of the American media. From the hype of the East Coast-West Coast rivalry that shadowed the murders of rappers Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. to the demonization of modem music in the wake of your modern day crime it seems that political and media groups have been quick to place blame on rap for a seeming trend in this so called “youth violence”. however, though critics are quick to point out the violent lyrics of…

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  • Dr. Dre: The Rise Of The Rap World

    The greatest rap artists of all time are still surprisingly young, which makes sense given how young the genre is itself. But don't let their age fool you. These rap artists changed the music world forever with their rhymes and beats and made the world take notice of the rising art form of rap. Here's a list recognizing the top ten rap artists of all time. Number Ten: Dr. Dre If you haven't seen Straight Outta Compton then you need to. This movie goes on to show the genius that is Dr. Dre when…

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  • The History Of Rap And Hip-Hop

    The History of Rap/Hip-Hop Rapping, also known as rhyming, spitting, and emceeing it is still referred to as rap and hip-hop. But, it seems that nobody ever talks about the story of how rap and hip-hop started. The history of rap and hip-hop was not only the start of a genre but, something new and creative. Rap and Hip-hop has an interesting origin story, has influenced by different genres of music, and created a new movement of freedom of speech. Dating back to the 60s and 70s in the South…

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  • Tupac Accomplishments

    Tupac Shakur, also known by his stage name, 2PAC, is a rapper from the 90’s. His songs sold more than 75 million copies.He was a very influential artist. He changed the face of rap forever. He is mostly known for his violence lyrics, and his violence actions. His songs are mostly about drugs, alcohol, gang violence, sex, and other problems he faced growing up. He started his career as a backup dancer with Digital Underground. He then went solo and came out with “2pacalypse” He has many awards…

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  • Macklemore Wings Rhetorical Analysis

    The song Wings is a song of the alternative hip hop genre produced by famous American Rap artist Macklemore. Macklemore has written and produced many songs that talk of real world issues that are facing society today. These songs discuss problems facing America in its youth and young adult age group. Macklemore uses many appeals from ethos, pathos and logos to tell his stories through his music. The song Wings in particular uses many rhetorical situations to tell the story of a young boy and his…

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  • Gangsta Rap Analysis

    constantly being referenced to negative influences of popular culture, often rap music and hip-hop culture. This is highly visible in electronic media, despite the fact that commercialized hip-hop is not representative of the entire genre (Mahiri et al, 2003). This stereotype particularly emerged through the creation of ‘gangsta rap.’ It is very common that there are moral panics surrounding popular music. ‘Gangsta rap’ with its ‘often violent and misogynistic overtones of its lyrics, has…

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  • Violence In Hip Hop Culture

    uncertainty. Yet, as this violence was being portrayed and reflected through a variety of artists, it began to formulate “gangsta rap”. This form of rap made artists feel powerful through expressing their masculinity in a physical and dominate manner. Through hyper-masculation of members in the Hip-Hop community, competition and violence began to arise again. In a sense, this form of rap music did not just bring awareness to the troubles of the cities, but glorified the violence occurring in…

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  • Ricky Martin Influence

    Puerto Rico music grows as a lively product of different cultural resources. West Africa and Spain are the prominent musical sources of Puerto Rico. During 19th century, Puerto Rican settlers fortunes increased and they become more ambitions because their social aspirations grew. Those children who show passion, devotion and interest in music were sent abroad to learn and practice music so that they could be able to enhance and boost their talents. Manuel Tavares was a composer of one of the…

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  • Just Like Hip Hop Analysis

    Just Like Hip-Hop Does anyone remember the feeling that hip-hop gave to make things feel better? Music by Erick Sermon does a good job for me. Sermon, along with the help of Marvin Gaye’s smooth vocals blended the true meaning of hip-hop. So to define hip-hop is difficult, but the message is very clear no matter what the culture is. Hip-hop is togetherness, happiness, and success . One important part of Hip-Hop is togetherness. Hip-Hop was started in the housing projects. Violence was a way…

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  • Boyz N Tha Hood Analysis

    time, the audience started to shift towards those “gangsta” rappers and they made those artists who they were still in their golden age. An article that discusses about music in America states that “harshness of inner-city life. Labeled hardcore, this rap form…

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