Informative Essay About Wrestling

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Mat of Pain

What does it feels like being under the spotlight in a room full of people watching and cheering for you to defeat and win against your opponent who you know that is the same strength as you? Does it makes you nervous and makes you want to back out? Why choose wrestling as your sport when you can do basketball? Why settle with tough sport like wrestling? These are only few of the questions I wanted to ask the wrestlers whenever they have a wrestling match. I am not a fan of wrestling actually because of the fact that wrestlers hurt each other for the sake of winning. I do not know. All I know whenever I hear the word wrestling there are bruises, scratches, and even messed up shoulder. And all of them? Nope, thank you!

It is almost
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While watching the videos, it was a little bit confusing because no professional or at least a wrestler was there beside me to guide and tell me what is going on. It was hard to understand the signals the referees were doing. I did not know who got the point and who did not. Although I enjoyed some of the videos, it was a little painful to watch. Just from watching the videos, I can feel the pain of the wrestlers whenever their arms or legs were …show more content…
They are working every muscle in their body every second of the time they are at practices and in a matches. Practices start with thirty minutes of straight conditioning. They do down and backs, push-ups, sit ups, jump squats buddy carry stair climbs, wheel barrow walks upstairs, and a lot more. After this crazy part, they go into hard drilling where they work their moves but always keep contact with their opponent, making them work to get their move. Then, they just go in to their technique, and live wrestling goes. After this, you can imagine they would be completely exhausted but they would do another set of conditioning just like the one at the beginning of practice or they just simply repeat everything from step

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