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  • Opinion Essay On Rap And Violence

    Many people now a days have made rap to be responsible for all the violence in the youth of society today. I agree with Becky Blanchard when she proves that rap does not cause controversy especially since I can see where she is getting her points and evidence from. I believe that rap is not the only reason for controversy because there is poverty and many other smaller aspects that can lead to the violence today. Many believe rap is the main cause of violence along with other disturbances and I…

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  • Hip Hop Fashion Analysis

    In the burrows of New York City, dress was already playing a big roll in the areas where hip-hop would come to dominate. Hip-hop culture emerged in the 1970s from the streets of New York City. In the early stages of hip-hop, rappers and followers would sport fashions inspired by the dress culture in New York City. The documentary Fresh Dressed, directed by Sacha Jenkins, follows the development of hip-hop culture (Fresh Dressed). Jenkins shows us how in its premature stage, hip-hop fashion…

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  • Kanye West Role Model

    Jam entertainment, and production would ultimately be the reason for his stardom. His albums have changed Hip-Hop, allowed R&B into a genre that was strictly single voice rhyming throughout songs. His first three studio albums were in a traditional rap setting, until he created 808s and Heartbreak and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.…

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  • Hip Hop Negative Effects

    Do you listen to rap or hip-hop? If so, do you think that rap or hip-hop have any negative effect on teen behavior or language? Rap and hip-hop lyrics do have a negative effect. Hip-hop and rap weren’t always negative. It had some positivity (Ruiz). It was a way to express your emotions (Haugh). It consisted of lyrics that rhymed (Haugh). The 1970s, hip-hop was a cultural society (Haugh). The 1980s and 1990s, rap was developed and getting popular very fast (Haugh). It consisted a group full of…

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  • What Is Hip Hop Music?

    Hip hop is a very popular type of music. The music was so vast that it has developed its own culture! It has developed a lot over the years. The story started on August 11, 1973 on 1520, Sedgwick Avenue. DJ Kool Herc, a building resident, was entertaining at his sister’s back- to- school party. He tried something new on his turntable- he extended the instrumental beat (breaking) to let people dance longer (break dancing) and began rapping during the extended break dancing. This had never been…

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  • Stoned Junkkee Analysis

    In text A, which is the rap song written by UGK, feat Mr. 3-2: “Stoned Junkee”, are they rapping about a life full of drug addiction and therefore also crime. The addiction they are rapping about ruins the lives of those people who use drugs such as crack cocaine and phencyclidine (PCP), which they are rapping about in the end of the text. Text A is based on the use of slang language. It gives him more reliability, because people from tough environments, such as those, are often talking slang…

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  • Rap Music's Negative Effects On Children

    rough side of town. This music is often rap. Feeling that the ideas in the song are the only ways to get by, they start to execute these actions. Rap music is harmful to child development especially ones with bad role models because they suggest Illegal things and they convince kids that they are necessary to become famous with school not required. Many rap song have ideas such as sex drugs and steal in them. If children have bad role models they might look to rap artist for advice and think…

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  • The N-Word Is Flourishing Among Generation Hip-Hop Latinos Analysis

    The N-Bomb Raquel Cepeda’s “The N-Word Is Flourishing Among Generation Hip-Hop Latinos: Why Should We Care Now?” analyzes the contributions of the N-word and observes its effect in the Latino Hip-Hop culture as well as those who listen to it and the controversy it's attained and continues to cause from the perspective of various sources. This taboo term serves a different notion than that of what it used to 400 years ago. The N-word is now used as a term of solidarity, recognition, and even…

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  • Old School Hip Hop History

    today. It’s been around for many years, slowly evolving over time. When most hear the words Hip Hop, they automatically assume plain rap music. Just like any other genre of music, Hip Hop can be split up into many different sub genre for example, Trap music, Gangsta rap and lastly Old School Hip Hop. Starting from the oldest sub genre, Old School Hip Hop is the rap sound you hear before the 2000 era. Music groups like A Tribe Called Quest, SugarHill Gang or Run DMC all were the key creators of…

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  • A Batch Iz A Bitch Analysis

    Many people may think that male rap artists will agree that “A Bitch Iz a Bitch”(Schneider 36) especially because of how male dominant the genre is and some soundtracks signifies this statement. Hip-hop does contain lyrics and images that are misogynistic and violent, however to generalize the whole genre unacceptable with aspects that many other genres share as well is not targeting the obscenity, but is targeting the genre as a way to silence an inferior culture. Censorship, the act of…

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