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  • Zumba Reflection

    Zumba, an imbuement of Latin-style move that has surprised the wellness world, joins hip shaking, uproarious music and finish flexibility from hindrances. Workouts don't should be an errand any longer. Rather, it can be changed into a fun and social move party with quick and infectious music. Zumba classes give an extensive calorie blaze through oxygen consuming action finished with interim preparing where the normal individual will smolder around 600 to 1,000 calories in a solitary hour-long…

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  • Essay About Rap Culture

    The Art of Rap Reaction Essay For the last two weeks, the class has watched a video documentary on hip hop and rap culture called “The Art of Rap”. It was a movie explanation, where a famous rapper named Ice. T talks to different rappers about the experience of rap and hip hop. The hip hop icons he spoke to, basically explained how hip hop and rapping had a huge influence in their life. The culture has affected America, in many different ways of life in its culture. The effects the hip hop…

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  • Commercialization Of Hip Hop Analysis

    49). One of the reasons that gangster rap became as successful as it did was that it the imagery associated with the culture fit within the rebellious outlaw archetype that is prevalent throughout American history. The documentary, Hip Hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes, elaborates on the archetype…

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  • Kanye West College Drop Up Analysis

    Kanye West is an artist whose works can never be replicated. If you start with his first studio album, The College Dropout, West brings an entire new style of rap to the genre of hip hop. This album focused on topics such as consumerism, religion, and family instead of ordinary rap subjects like drugs or crimes. In his song “All Falls Down,” West scrutinizes the problems with college using lyrics like this: “She has no idea what she doin' in college/That major that she majored in don't make no…

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  • Swings And Black Nut: Song Analysis

    Black nut is shamelessly using sexual explicit and abasement women lyrics in his another song “100”. I don’t know and understand how excellent his rapping techniques are, I think TV show which shows his rap and behavior to public are surely wrong. Although not everyone embraces and follows his rap and thought, a teenager whose ego is not fully developed is…

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  • Cleanin Out My Closet Analysis

    The media has a habit of portraying people in a negative way - no matter what someone does; they never seem to be doing it right. Cleanin’ Out My Closet by Eminem was released September 17th, 2002 and reached number 4 on the United States Billboard Hot 100 chart. Despite the song’s positive critical reception, Eminem is still seen by the media as a ‘wannabee’ African American who glorifies violence, domestic abuse, and rape amongst other controversial issues. In Cleanin’ Out My Closet, Eminem…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Gangsta Rap

    genre, rap. They don 't understand it. The earliest type of music classified as rap began many years ago in Africa, with the griots, storytellers who tell tales of their experiences or those of the village. It started when one of these griots started telling his story with music playing; this in its form is rap in its most rudimentary form. Many years later in New York, two DJs who were tired of the old style disco ball started spinning disks and are now titled the fathers of rap. Gangsta rap…

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  • Gasolina Song Analysis

    Daddy Yankee’s biggest hit, ‘Gasolina’, was turning point into his career and turning point for the reggaeton as well (photo 4). The lyrics, although explicit, were smoother than what reggaeton was known for. Gasolina’s lyrics touches on themes that have to do with the race and class- based concerns and has sexual inference and uneven gender relations, which could be seen as celebrating simple pleasures, stressing machismo. For the audience, lyrics can mean many things, from the need for speed…

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  • Hip Hop Subculture

    Hip Hop has its origins from a resistance movement during the 1970s. Rap music which is one aspect of hip hop, was mainstreamed in the late 1980s and 1990s. These genres of music have since developed as a cultural and artistic sensation affecting youth around the world (Alridge and Stewart 2005). Similarly dancehall also emerged in the late 1970s in Jamaica not only as a musical style but as the basis for a type of recreational lifestyle. Initially, all presented genres have reflected social,…

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  • Dr Dre Biography

    Dr. Dre and the marks he will leave on hip hop It’s hard to miss a song or two from the living emblem of hip hop known as Dr. Dre. The classic figure of the said music genre has not only set a new pace when it comes to hip hop music, but also nurtured and supported upcoming artists leading them to the same path he had traversed during the course of his active music career. There is no denying that the prominence of his persona in the music industry is eminent as he was able to flexibly…

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