Wrestlers In Letitia Baldrige's More Than Manners

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wrestlers do engage in violent acts but for the majority of them they would rather do anything but that. A small portion of wrestlers like violence because if we did there wouldn’t be a wrestling team.

Wrestlers as a community are very close to each other because we bleed, sweat, laugh, starve, and win together. Since wrestling is an individual sport they motivate each other and are brutally honest they have a closer connection than most friends and other sports. Wrestlers are very close mentally and physically because wrestling is such a physical sport. They seem to be the closest because of the hand to hand combat wrestlers encounter, so it's okay for them to touch each other whenever. During practices wrestlers are as aggressive as
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This quote is a perfect example of what wrestlers are all about except all of them are a rare breed. Everyone comes from a specific cultural background, but they all have decent morals in common. Also this group needs to be better understood because people think wrestlers are violent and have aggressive behaviors when in reality they are the opposite. There is no arguing with the fact that wrestlers are aggressive, violent, look like they have no manners on the mat, but once we step off it is as if these wrestlers are a completely different person, they care more for the feelings of others. Now there may be times when wrestlers are overly quiet and are acting a little grumpy this might be because they are close to their weigh ins and have not eaten any food in a while. Another is that wrestlers sacrifice maybe too much when it comes to weight cutting, according to Weight Loss Behavior in High School Wrestling: Wrestler and Parent Perceptions by Ellen Weissinger, Terry J. Housh, Glen O. Johnson, and Sharon A. Evans they go into detail by stating, “ Wrestlers reported use of extreme weight loss techniques (fasting, vomiting, diuretics) in higher proportions than the general adolescent male population, despite their reports of detrimental effects of such methods”. It can be a possibility that people may have too much respect for wrestlers or other people notice what respect they have for them and want the same thing but can't have it. So those people might start off with a disrespectful

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