Speech About Freestyling

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Speaking off the top of your head, can get you out of bed or take your mind off of whatever is stressing you out, Freestyling is the art of flowing words that come from off the top of your head. It’s not rehearsed or pre-planned; it is free flowing and natural with or without instrumental beats. Freestyling is an escape for when you need to speak out or creatively express your thoughts and opinions. Often voices are silenced, people barely get to speak up or speak their mind. So, when you get the chance to freestyle either alone or in a group, you are able to venture off into your own mind and say whatever comes to your head in a rhythmic notion. When sharing your point of view on your surroundings and experiences through talking, freestyling or “spitting rhymes” you get to subconsciously dig into your own mind and say things you usually wouldn’t. An …show more content…
I want to expose my thoughts and relieve stress in the process. I want to clear my head and talk nonsense because usually I have no reason to do so. I wanted to figure out what would help me write better and more and learn to speak up. Freestyling helped me express myself verbally, which is something I have had a hard time doing in the past. I tend to keep everything to myself and never share my experiences, thoughts or whatever is on my mind to others, so when I have the chance to speak without giving myself time to censor what I am saying, people begin to understand my point of view. Whenever I get the chance, I will freestyle either out loud or write it down because sometimes you need to express your thoughts and feelings in some form just to let them go and even go back to, to see progress and change in your own morals, views or opinions. Freestyling helps me expose my thoughts; show my personality and who I am through the use of creative words and verbal exchange to peers and most importantly to

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