Gangster Rap Vs Rap

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The misconceptions that may have someone correlate hip-hop music to gangster rap are such cases where a murder of an artist from gangster rap genre would make others look upon those deaths and see what they assume is a fair and balanced picture of what rap and hip-hop is all about: murder, drugs, and money. In truth, much of the conflict in hip-hop has moved inward, as its players are fighting battles of ideas and emotions rather than gangster rap artist’s battle for dominance over another person. Gangster rap ultimately is giving both rap and hip-hop a bad name, for it makes people think that all rap and hip-hop is gangster rap, where some people even plain out refuse to listen to any hip-hop or rap because of the dominating image of gangster rap. If one were to ask older adults about what they think of rap and hip-hop culture, those people would probably say that hip-hop and rap destroys community values more than it does from simple poetry. They would blindly correlate the lyrics in both rap and hip-hop song to someone going on a shooting spree in U.S. public schools or planting bombs around a city.
The difference between rap and hip-hop not only lies in the extraneous factor of gangster
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Though they are similar, whether it is in style, speech, or thought, rap’s affiliation with gangster rap is that of negative consequences, affecting both genres if the line is not cut between the two. When choosing genres, people have preferences in what they seek. Though indistinguishable in their forms, hip-hop has increasingly added more tempo and a dancing rhythmic type of music to their genre, whereas rap has increasing strayed off from that path and incorporated different types of rap, such as free-styling. All in all, rap and hip-hop share commonalities, whether in good or bad forms, yet they are increasingly diverse in how they present themselves, especially due to gangster rap’s place in the modern rap

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