Battlestar Galactica: The Plan

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  • Effective Listening: Essentials Of Human Communication

    With most of my answers as sometimes, and only a few as frequently and seldom, I feel as if I can alter my listening in appropriate situations. There are a few ways in which I can improve my listening skills, though, and I have created an improvement plan to implement them. Under the five dimensions of effective listening, there is a category called empathic and objective listening. While I do frequently demonstrate empathy, seldom do I exhibit objectivity. Our textbook lists a few recommendations in adjusting listening from empathic to objective, “striving to be objective” (DeVito 2013) being the last of these. This means that instead of expecting John Doe’s speech to be boring and therefore hearing it that way, I would listen objectively and hear what he is actually saying. This is a far better way to listen…

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  • Connotation In 12 Angry Men

    Before leaving the courtroom along with the other jurors, the juror number six took a last glimpse on the defendant. It seems that when having a preliminary vote, the juror number six hesitates for a moment. He does not raise his hand immediately, but rather waits for the reaction of the majority of the jury. When the juror number nine changes his verdict to non-guilty, the majority of the jurors in the room react with resent. However, the juror number six asks the other jurors to listen to…

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