Battle Royale II: Requiem

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    Killing in the Name: A Review of Battle Royale Koushun Takami’s novel Battle Royale chronicles how a middle school class must participate in a politically dystopian Japanese government’s combat experiment. This novel has strong correlations to Lord of the Flies, Legend and The Hunger Games as they center around children being forced to kill one another to survive. Takami’s novel explores the idea that innocence in society can diverge into either fighting, accepting, or resigning themselves to a dire fate over which they have no control. This novel is controversial due to the ages of the children who must participate in this experiment; the brutality of the murders; and the lack of agency the parents and school officials have to prevent the…

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    then I have a country . I should complete my study there . I am not used to objecting the Saudi royal decisions . That should be what I follow here . I shouldn't reject the immigration ban . I may feel it is against me and it will prevent me from getting or doing what I want but it is an internal affair for the American government where we are guests . can guests ask the host to eat what they want and sit in the room they desire ? of course no . Immigration ban is a decision not an issue .…

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