Battle of the Coral Sea

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  • Battle Of The Coral Sea Essay

    Battle of the Coral Sea was one of the major battles that demonstrated the power and effectiveness of the Japanese military, and the work that U.S. had to put in to make their military better. This battle would make Japan empire expand around the pacific. Before the war has even started each sides of the battle had a plan for what they were going to do. Japan plans was to isolate Australia from the allies, and then invade the port city of Moresby. From this Japan now has the ability to have air power superiority over Australia. They even had the Imperial navy trapping all of the eastern flanks of New Guinea. This would make a perfect chance for japan to go to all of the south of the pacific and take over all of the area. For Australia they didn’t have a plan because they weren’t assuming that they were going to be attacked. The decryption center Station H.Y.P.O., which was run by Capt. Joseph, was were able to decipher the correct code to know what is exactly Japan was doing. Most of Japan’s codes were in books. Once this was figured out U.S. planned out to take out their ships like their carrier called the Lexington. U.S. already had a ship out there in the pacific called Yorktown. When they got there they joined up with Australia and then the battle just went off. The main part of the…

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  • Analytical Essay: The Battle Of The Coral Sea

    Battle of the Coral Sea This study presents a thesis proposal on the causes of the Battle of the Coral Sea, the outcome, the weapons that were used during this battle, and the commanders from both sides who led this battle. The proposal will be divided into the following five sections: Introduction The Battle of the Coral Sea was one of the greatest naval battles ever experienced along the Australian shores. In this battle, the United States of America fought with Australian forces against the…

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  • The Battle Of Midway: Turning Point In The Pacific

    The Battle of Midway is often regarded as the “turning point in the Pacific” as well as the most decisive victory in the history of the United States Navy (USN). The United States had been planning for a war with Japan for years, but when the time came, Japan was second in priority to Germany. The Japanese leadership of Admiral Yamamoto, Commander of Japanese Combined Fleet, and Vice Admiral Nagumo, commanding officer of the carriers, wanted to take charge in the Pacific by putting all of their…

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  • Battle Of Midway Analysis

    The Island of Midway is located in Pacific Ocean, approximately 1,300 miles from Honolulu, Hawaii. Strategically, the island became a valuable asset to obtain during the Pacific War because of its location, as a half way point from Hawaii to Japan. Increased tensions between Japan and the United States came to a climax December 7, 1941; the day Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. Six months later, the United States engaged the Japanese Imperial fleet in the Battle of Midway. The analysis of the events…

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  • Operation Watchtower Analysis

    Victories at the Battles of the Coral Sea (4-8 May) and Midway (4-7 June) changed the operational and strategic picture. These continued Japanese aggressive actions led to the development of Operation Pestilence, the campaign for the Solomon Islands targeting the enemy base at Rabaul. Pestilence initiated phase two of the Pacific Ocean Campaign Plan. The seizure and occupation of the Santa Cruz Islands and Tulagi were the objectives of the first major operation within Pestilence. Guadalcanal…

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  • Coral Sea Turning Point

    The Battle of Coral Sea “People will forget what you said; people will forget what you did; but they will always remember how you made them feel” (Lieutenant Commander Kight). The Battle of Coral Sea was the first air-sea battle in history and a turning point in the Pacific. It was a catch between the United States and the Japanese. Methodically the Japanese won but cleverly it was an American victory. The Battle of Coral Sea began on May fourth, 1942 and went to May eighth, 1942. It lasted…

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  • How Did The Second World War Affect Australia

    As one event leads to bigger consequences like the ripples on the water’s surface, Hitler’s plans to restore Germany’s pride played on the heart strings of the people, which then led to the plan of World domination. Germany had many powerful allies in the Second World War, this included the USSR, but Germany betrayed the USSR by attacking them in 1941. This was known as the Battle of Stalingrad which the Germans called Operation Barbarossa. The Second World War was fought between the Axis…

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  • Battle Of Midway Essay

    The Battle of Midway was one of the battles leading up to WW2. In 1942, the Battle of Midway one of the most influential U.S. victories against Japan during World War II. During the four days of battle, the U.S. Pacific Fleet succeeded in destroying four Japanese aircrafts. The only battle that the U.S fleet lost was The Battle of Yorktown. In six months of offensives prior to Midway, Japanese had triumphed in lands throughout the Pacific. These lands include Malaysia, Singapore,…

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  • World Most Endangered Ecosystems

    Coral Reefs One of the world’s most species rich and bio diverse ecosystems are the tropical coral reefs. Emmysarus, a staff writer/ blogger for Scribol stated in their article “The World’s Most Endangered Ecosystems: Coral Reefs, “Unfortunately, areas which are home to the richest biodiversity often suffer from the greatest amount of damage and disruption”. These “rainforests of the sea” are home to thousands of species of fish and invertebrates that live among the hundreds of different and…

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  • The Battle At Midway Summary

    The battle at Midway island, approximately half the distance between Asia and the United States, in June of 1942 was one of the most significant battles that the American military would fight during the course of World War II, and author Craig Symonds reports the details in his book, The Battle at Midway. Despite many accounts of this battle, Symonds offers a unique and incredibly researched narrative that brings his work into its own interpretation, separate from others. Symonds description of…

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