Battle Of The Coral Sea Essay

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Battle of the Coral Sea was one of the major battles that demonstrated the power and effectiveness of the Japanese military, and the work that U.S. had to put in to make their military better. This battle would make Japan empire expand around the pacific. Before the war has even started each sides of the battle had a plan for what they were going to do. Japan plans was to isolate Australia from the allies, and then invade the port city of Moresby. From this Japan now has the ability to have air power superiority over Australia. They even had the Imperial navy trapping all of the eastern flanks of New Guinea. This would make a perfect chance for japan to go to all of the south of the pacific and take over all of the area. For Australia …show more content…
Quickly Japan sent three of their own carriers with bombs and torpedoes. The two ships were called Shoho, Shokaku, and the Zuikaku. This didn’t work for Japan they were losing so far in this battle. Japan didn’t want to give up so they would keep on trying to find way to win and make plans after plans. They finally found something that they could do. They knew that sense U.S. was fighting them on land and on the water. The only thing that was left out was the air, so Japan went airborne. The bad thing was that they didn’t know that U.S. too could go airborne. So now there is fighting that is happening in the air, ground, and the …show more content…
Navy leaders named Fletcher was the man who made U.S. more vulnerable. He tried to make him and his men go in deep into Japan’s invasion force to destroy and weaken the Japanese and the Jomard passage. The outcome of this action allowed the U.S. defense become weaken too so this allowed Japan’s air strikers to do damage to U.S. navy ships. This battle has gone back and forth for a quite a while after this attacked had happened.
Close to the end of the battle Japan looked more and more powerless, but they still haven’t waived the white flag yet. They have fought with all they had and all they could do. What ended the battle was Japan, when they finally destroyed the U.S. navy and completed their campaign of taking all of Australia and the other island of the pacific. Now senesce Japan won this battle their empire had grew more and stronger. They are close to be at the top of the war and where close to doing what their big goal was to do. Which was to take control of all of Europe and have everyone under their

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