Guadalcanal Campaign

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  • Operation Watchtower Analysis

    understanding of the link among lines of operation, decisive points, operational reach, culmination, and risk directly contributed to overall success of the Guadalcanal campaign. Analysis of their actions through a lens of current doctrine benefits current practitioners by providing historical examples of operational art in action. This paper will discuss doctrinal concepts displayed during the planning and execution of Operation Watchtower. The current joint definition of operational art will provide the baseline reference…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Do Not Think Of An Elephant

    Rhetorical analysis: Political advertisements Presidential campaigns, in most cases, have been characterized by aspects of competition, which in turn has led to formulation and presentation of goals and objectives of each candidate is the most tactful manner. Major common issues are often addresses, such as; poverty levels, economic situation of the nation, unemployment and resource allocation. Standards of living in the United States have faced a major decline since 2010. The 2012 presidential…

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  • 'How To Sell Using Fear'

    they really do not. This process can be the effect of the use of adequate advertising to the appropriate audience involving a new landmark of marketing called neuromarketing which is in charge of developing potential thoughts and feelings in consumers. Thus, neuromarketing goals look for the best incentives to manipulate consumer’s purchasing power with the consumer’s relationship between mind and body, the power of emotions, and the psychology of colors. The consumer’s relationship between…

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  • Negative Advertising Experiment

    Advertisements that criticize an opponent’s record, opinions, or character, run by a political campaign, is known as negative advertising. Negative advertisements usually expose a risk connected to voting for the opponent through influencing the fears of the voters and establishing a detrimental view of the opponent. Frankly, negative advertising appears to have increased tremendously. Negative political campaign ads are everywhere on the television, radio, and in newspapers. In contemplating…

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  • The Wellstone Way

    want to work on an electoral campaign as staff member or volunteer, those who want to work on an issue-based campaign or organizing drive, and those who want to run for office themselves.”(11) Although Battle Born Progress wasn’t necessarily a campaign, it certainly employed many elements of a campaign by promoting progressive change in Nevada. Additionally, Lofty analyzes three main components…

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  • Second Battle Of Bull Run Essay

    The second battle of Bull Run also known as the “Second Battle of Manassas” was Larger in scale than the first. There were four primary generals, General Robert E. Lee, Major General John Pope, and Major General George B. McClellan. It had four times the amount of casualties than the original Battle of Bull Run. Taken place in Northern Virginia it was a battle between Union and Confederate Armies on August 28-30 1862. John Pope led the Union army, and on the Confederate side General Robert E.…

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  • Political Propaganda Analysis

    Anyone who claims to not be affected by propaganda is lying, it surrounds us in every corner of our life’s and it affects us every day. Propaganda uses similar techniques advertisements use to make their products appeal to its targeted audience. In the case of political propaganda, similar techniques are used to make its chosen candidate appeal to its audience. For instance, the advertisement “Hillary Clinton 's 2016 Presidential Campaign Announcement” uses techniques to appeal to the working…

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  • Richard M. Nixon's Re-Election Campaign

    “Election campaigns for public office are expensive. Candidates need funding for support staff, advertising, traveling, and public appearances. Unless they are independently wealthy, most must finance their campaigns with contributions from individuals and from businesses and other organizations (legal).” In 1974, most of these campaigns were funded by individual corporations or small groups of wealthy donors. In 1972, insurance executive W. Clement Stone contributed approximately $2.8 million…

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  • Vicksburg: A Turning Point In The Civil War

    VICKSBURG: A TIPPING POINT IN THE CIVIL WAR USAACE NCOA SSG Chad M. West 15Z SLC 17-003 SFC Maradol The Battle of Vicksburg was a collective land and naval battle that ensured a strategic location for the Union Army (Burden, 2000). Although, not as well-known as the Battle of Gettysburg or Fort Sumter, this was a tremendous victory for the Union Army as it helped to establish a much needed supply chain. Also, to note, the actual timeframe of the battle only lasted a couple of months,…

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  • Social Media Impact On Democracy

    Introduction Political campaigns are widely structured to evoke certain reactions among different populations and even influencing them to take specific actions regarding the message being popularized. The media has remained a key tool in the transfer of the political message from the political entities to the masses since the history of man (Bennette & Segerberg, 2016; Fiske & Hancock, 2016). The main advantage about the use of media, which in this case refers to all communication tools and…

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