Political Propaganda Analysis

Anyone who claims to not be affected by propaganda is lying, it surrounds us in every corner of our life’s and it affects us every day. Propaganda uses similar techniques advertisements use to make their products appeal to its targeted audience. In the case of political propaganda, similar techniques are used to make its chosen candidate appeal to its audience. For instance, the advertisement “Hillary Clinton 's 2016 Presidential Campaign Announcement” uses techniques to appeal to the working and middle class audience that want to overcome their financial struggles. Aired on April 12,2015 the adds unstated message portrays hardworking families, to attract struggling middle class in believing that they can join Hilary in improving their future. …show more content…
In the add the actors not only resemble the average “Joe” through appearance but also through the language used. In the capmgainge the actors describe themselves as a “hardworking” individual. The adjective “hardworking” is a term used to describe an ordinary individual that works every day to survive. Having a “hardworking” individual in Hilary’s add serves to give hope that these “average’ families are “hardworking’ due to the jobs that are provided. The add wants the families watching the add to become distracted with “good connotations” Pg248 such as “hardworking”. The idea of Hilary providing jobs is used to manipulate the audiences critical thinking by using the word “hardworking” as a trap to make them assume that they can also be part of the “hardworking” families if they support Hilary, in which the political does so by showing the common family working hard. The usage of good conations is a tactic known as the “Glittering generalities’ 248. The adjective “hardworking is a label used to stir hope for the audience to become distracted with the unstated idea of Hilary providing jobs for the struggling middle class, since her add uses

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