The Ideology And Purpose Of The Propaganda Campaign

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The Ideology and Purpose of the Propaganda Campaign

The organization that I 've chosen to develop a campaign for is FODAC, also known as Friends of Disabled Adults and Children. This is an organization that focuses on the disabled community by providing equipment and services to help redefine access to mobility. Whether the individual has a permanent or temporary disability FODAC is still there to help assist them. They provide many things for the disabled such as wheelchairs, ramps, and hospital beds etc. These things are provided for little to no cost and people of all age with any type of disability can qualify. The company is not directly funded however most of the equipment that they receive to distribute to people with disabilities is
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The first being commitment and consistency mainly because I feel like its a requirement to pretty much anything in life. It would be frowned upon to develop an organization, but not remain committed to it. If this campaign continues to remain consistent then people will know that the FODAC is serious about the message they’re sending. In return, this might encourage people to become volunteers for the organization and present the same type of commitment and consistency that the organization displays. For Example, the FODAC can advertise through their campaign that they’re committed to hand delivering all adaptive equipment to the disabled individual that is immobile, for every donation made. By making their commitment public this will allow for the organization to remain consistent because their reputation id on the line. According to the text “in most circumstances, consistency is valued and adaptive.” Inconsistency is commonly to be an undesirable personality trait. (Influence, Science and Practice, Pg. 19) Signs of inconsistency will only hurt the organization and its campaign, which we don’t want, because in order to have a successful organization a positive image needs to be maintained. The second weapon of influence that will be incorporated into this campaign is liking. This simply means that people are easily persuaded by someone that …show more content…
These are all things that I believe every campaign should incorporate to be successful. The campaign is what persuades the public and it’s basically your chance to get the message out there. Without the campaign I do think it would be hard for the organization to continue on, especially when a lot of the help comes from the public. Relevancy is extremely important in this case.

Conclusion: In conclusion. I think that most important think that I’ve learned in developing a propaganda campaign is being able to have a clear purpose. It reminds me of the five W’s (who, what, when, where and why) because details are very important when developing a campaign and nothing needs to be left unanswered. Your audience shouldn’t have questions after analyzing your campaign, because your purpose, technique and goals should have been presented throughout your campaign for your audience to have a clearly understanding of whatever it is that you’re presenting to them at the

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