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  • Influence Of Radios In The 1950's And Today

    The Italian inventor, Guglielmo Marconi, made the radio and was able to send and receive radio signals in nineteen sixteen. Radios had become an important technological advances that positively affected society (Taylor. Pg.5). The radio impacted many lives in the past and today. The greatest impact radios had in life was during the Great Depression. Without radios, the United States would have been socially and economically behind because of the Great Depression in the late nineteen twenties and would still be developing today. Before radios, America was a neutral country that isolated themselves from foreigners in their times of conflict. Acts and reforms were made to ensure other countries of their policy of isolation. The United State’s technology was not as advanced and they relied on other areas for their supplies and technology. Corruption was within the government, big businesses and companies used bribes to maintain power and control certain areas. Governors used bribes on the railroad agent to transport secret shipment. Workers complained about their jobs because of low pay and terrible conditions. Once Roosevelt took office, a…

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  • Media Awareness Of World Events

    Radio was one of the major medias and at the start of the 1900s. The founder was Guglielmo Marconi and decided to make a news network which was the Radio. This was very popular and had many facts of its own. It's used for news and channels of what are they seeing in the real world. Radio had not many channels as we have today, it was the start of something unbelievable of what's about to be become. As they progress into new medias, TV had become the other major media in the 1920s. Who led by…

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  • Bell Company History

    making the National telephone Company responsible for making telephone connections available between London, the Midlands, and Northern Countries for the first time. A connection between England and France was then made a year after, in 1891, making it the first submarine telephone cable. Furthermore, in 1896 the Automotive Electric Company in America had invented and added the rotary dial into the telephone which improved the automatic telephone. The automatic telephone did not require…

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  • How Did Nikola Tesla Contribute To America

    Electric Light Company that ran in direct competition with Edison. Nikola Tesla was a strong figure in shaping the early American use and understanding of electricity by giving Americans efficient means of transporting electricity and communicating over long distances, being a prime example of the American Dream, and setting the gold standard for electricity in the 20th Century. For starters, while Tesla was working without the influences of other inventors his creative mind was not stifled and…

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  • How Did The Radio Affect The 1920s

    Who knew that radios would have this big of an impact on the twenties? Probably not its inventor, Guglielmo Marconi (McLaughlin). At least it was a good surprise, not just to him but also to anyone who could afford one in the twenties. They mostly used it as a source of entertainment, particularly at night. This was obviously a good business opportunity, which caused there to be six hundred radio stations in America by nineteen twenty-two (Eckstein et. al.). How did the radio make the twenties…

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  • Nikola Tesla's Obsession

    much needed boost in his confidence. It also peaked his scientific curiosity. He was determined to understand more about the signal. Knowing that there were a number of technological hurdles in his way, he teamed up with the smartest scientist he knew--and one of his greatest competitors--Guglielmo Marconi. Together they formed Order of Teslonia with the goal of developing the capability to store and decode the signal…provided they could ever find it again. For the next thirty years, they…

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  • Edwin Howard Armstrong: A Medium Of Communication

    By using Marconi and Fessenden’s work, he was able to further the discovery of radio technology. Many of his inventions are still in use today, such as the regeneration circuit, which allows a signal to be amplified several times through the same device, but also the regeneration and amplification of weak radio signals through positive feedback. As Armstrong was a teenager, he became interested in wireless after reading Marconi’s book about sending, wirelessly, the first message across the…

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  • How Did Nikola Tesla Contribute To Engineering

    payed off. The licensing of an invention is just the start of Tesla’s career, but holding over 275 patents was a high achievement. Astonishing enough, Nikola Tesla designed and developed the x-ray machine without help from any other people. Many did not believe in him, which led him to be forced to use the machine on himself (Hearst 96). Following that, he also invented laser technology, wireless communication, remote controls, the radar, fluorescent lighting, and cellular communication, just…

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  • At Home A Short History Of Private Life Analysis

    His selfless approach to his work allowed greedy inventors like Thomas Edison to take advantage of his skills and take credit for his work. This is the primary reason Nikola Tesla does not get the recognition that he deserves. Tesla has been taken advantage of over and over again, however, perhaps his most important and revolutionary invention that someone else took credit for was the radio. In 1901 Guglielmo Marconi was credited with the invention of the radio when he successfully transmitted a…

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  • Nikola Tesla's Definition Of Greatness

    of high voltage currents making it easier to be distributed over long distances. The Polyphone alternating current system or the ‘induction motor’. Tesla’s system has been greatly improved since it was invented in 1887 and its simple technological elegance and inherent reliability continues in guaranteeing its importance in contemporary society and the foreseeable high-tech future. Ultimately it was Tesla who emerged the victor from the ‘war of currents’ and his system is still used to power the…

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