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  • Dove Beauty Campaign

    • If the video advertisements become popular, we can make more of them and extend the videos to be viewed and made in the city of Guelph. We could then look into having these videos and posters present in public places such as town hall. • If we find our campaign is starting off well, then we can paint the cannon as a way to advertise our project and to get the maximum amount of people talking about ugly produce waste. As a result, we hope people influence each other to make better choices about produce • If less ugly produce is thrown out on campus in places such as Creelman’s and Eastside we can talk to hospitality services about getting a stamp card, just for ugly produce. When they fill a ugly produce card, they get their next cosmetically…

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  • Empathy In Dante Alighieri's The Inferno

    finding a fellow Florentine in Hell, when Alighieri had nothing personally against them. This sense of attachment between the Ciacco and Dante continues and comes across again when they are discussing the different political groups in Florence, the White Guelphs and the Black Guelphs. Before falling back to the ground, Ciacco mentions “Oh speak my name to the memory of men! Having answered all, I say no more.” In this quote Ciacco is requesting a favor, he asks Dante to “speak my name to the…

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  • Dante's Stance On Italian Politics Analysis

    Raffa continues on to further explain that one of the most poignant examples of Dante’s logical interpretation of the concept of exile was through a biblical stance that emphasized, for the damned, “earthly exile continues into the afterlife, where it becomes eternal.” The souls Dante the pilgrim encounters are perpetually experiencing their own exile from God. Whereas Dante the pilgrim, and by extension Dante the author, has the opportunity to repent and repel the sins that lead a soul to…

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  • The Importance Of Contrapasso In Dante's Inferno

    In Dante’s Inferno, Dante Alighieri comes across a groaning tree, as he makes his way through the seventh level of Hell. Dante was introduced to Pier della Vigna, a trusted counselor of Frederick II, in the form of a tree as his punishment. As Dante enters conversation with Pier della Vigna it become clear to the true significance of della Vigna’s contrapasso. As Dante says on the seventh level of Hell, “I am convinced he thought that I believed the groans I heard were issuing from shades who…

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  • Allegory In The Divine Comedy By Dante Alighieri

    The Divine Comedy, composed by Dante Alighieri some place around the year 1308 and initially called The Comedy, is generally viewed as one of the preeminent works of Italian writing. It is an epic poem that comprises of three books: Inferno, Purgatory, and Paradise, which chronicle (portray) the experiences of Dante the Pilgrim (an imaginary character embodied by Dante himself) in his goes through Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven. Albeit terrifying on a strict level, on a more noteworthy level it…

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  • Dante's Inferno: Divine Comedy

    Dante’s Inferno was one of 3 works that was compiled into his major work the Divine Comedy. He lived around the 1200-1300s and discussed some of the Florentine Politics he either witnessed or participated in including his exile from Florence. This can be found in the 6th Chapter of Inferno when Dante is in the 3rd Circle of Hell. In the book it referred to the spring of 1300, which is the fictional date of Dante’s journey. Dante being born in 1265 is what people at the time call the “halfway…

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  • Population Growth In Canada

    impacts on the environment are increasing at record rates, but for what reasons are populations multiplying so rapidly, especially in countries with low fertility rates? Although population growth is a phenomenon occurring globally, this essay will address this question by focusing in on a smaller scale, within Canada. Examining the 2006 and 2011 Guelph Census Metropolitan Area (CMA), in comparison to that of Barrie, Ontario’s, a more local level study can be conducted. Then, by centering in on…

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  • Similarities Between Dante And Farinata

    the lower class and the pope. Although Dante did support the pope this did not spare Pope Anastasius II from being accursed to the sixth circle for allowing the unorthodox practices of his time. As a Catholic, allowing this practice was unacceptable. Dante’s seventh circle of hell is reserved for those that have committed violent actions, whether they be against themselves, others, or God. Individuals that have acted violently against others are forced to reside in a river of blood. One such…

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  • Statement Of Purpose Of A START Leader

    The business program at the University of Guelph- Humber offers unique insights through many theoretical viewpoints but also allows students to apply that knowledge in the real world. The knowledge you attain will vary from several fields in accounting, finance, economics, human resources management, marketing, information technology and see how they relate to one another. The first two years the courses students choose will be mandatory, to allow students to decide on which course they liked…

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  • Dante's Inferno By Durante Alighieri

    Dante’s education is not clear. He went to school like any other boy in Florence and studied Latin, public speaking and philosophy. He was constantly reading book and this could have damaged his eyesight. “He could only see the stars blurred by a white mist.” Later on he devoted himself to the study of the Latin poet Virgil and other classical author. It is presumed that he studied at the university of Bologna, one of the most famous universities of medieval world. His first studies were…

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