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  • Microsystem Case Study

    Case Description Jeff is a 13-year-old boy who was born and lived in Sichuan province and he entered middle school in Guangzhou this year. Before Jeff came to Guangzhou, his academic performance was always high-ranked in his class. Jeff’s parents came from rural area in Sichuang province and both of them only finished their primary school education. They Now they operate a small restaurant in Guangzhou and they are always busy working. They consider that only high academic level can help Jeff get a well-paid job so they highly value Jeff’s academic performance especially Jeff’s father. On the other hand, sometimes Jeff’s father behaves aggressive due to something unpleasant happened in his restaurant and he would scold him or even strike him. Then Jeff would go back to his room and lock the door so as to protect himself from being punched. Jeff wants to make friends with his classmates. However, Jeff cannot speak Cantonese while almost all of the whole class are local students and they speak Mandarin with Cantonese accent. Sometimes his classmates try to talk to him, but Jeff speak Madarine with Sichuan dialect accent and it is difficult for his classmates to understand. Therefore, Jeff is always alone and does not talk to others no matter during the discussion time or even after class. Jeff learn Cantonese by reading some books which teach some common words and sentences people may say in daily life; however, he is afraid that his incorrect pronunciation causes others laugh…

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  • Setting In Amy Tan's A Pair Of Ticket

    Whether it’s about a man out for revenge due to an insult from a friend or a mysterious castle on a hill, setting often play an important role in establishing meaning in stories. Setting is the when, where, an action in fiction takes place. While the setting in a story may seem like a simple part of the story, it can in fact have a huge impact on what is going on in the narrative. In “A Pair of Ticket” the setting plays an effective role because it shows the progression of June May learning…

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  • Gangxia Village Case Study

    Gangxia village is an urban village situated in the central part of Futian CBD, Shenzhen. The urban village comprises two parts, as shown in Figure 4.2, Heyuan and Louyuan, the case study here only covers Heyuan block, which takes up a population of approximately 68,000 (only 900 are indigenous villagers, the other 67,000 are migrant tenants) and an area of approximately 151,600 m2 (Futian Government Online, 2007). Regarding the large size of redevelopment and the complex interests among various…

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  • Complexity Of Identity

    very much. Chinese education may not be comparable to the United States‘s education, but different countries always has their own educational methods. China is my country, learn to identify with our own country is the most important. Chinese Language has a big profound histories and features. I was proud of myself speaking Chinese. In addition, I want to say I was a Cantonese speaker also. I can speak Mandarin and Cantonese very well, but Cantonese is my first language in my life. China has a…

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  • China In The 19th Century

    leading to the Taiping Rebellion. In the Qing dynasty, massive famine was happening everywhere in China and chaos started. The Taiping Rebellion was a civil war in southern China fought from 1850 to 1864 against the ruling Qing dynasty to gain independency, democracy and national prosperity and against foreign capitalist aggression toward peasants. Due to the British dominance over China and the unsettled conditions, threaten and encouraged many Chinese living particularly in the southern…

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  • The Importance Of Food In India

    Previously this was due to natural geography, but in recent years the coastal nature of the Fujian and Guangdong regions have been mostly due to human intervention. Artificial dredging and reworking of landscapes on a large scale has allowed the natural environment to facilitate those who live on it, rather than hinder oppourtunities moving forward. By overcoming these obstacles, the Chinese people of this region have managed to keep their cultural and cuisine very much alive (Anderson,…

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  • Language Attitudes Paper

    such attitudes and possible reasons behind language attitudes. In the introduction part, the author reviewed some important research on language attitudes, explaining how people 's attitudes towards language varieties imply their perception of the speakers. Listeners tend to make judgment about speakers based on their accent. People’s language attitudes may not constant; the change of attitudes can result from socio-economical and cultural factors (Garrett 2010). The introduction part also…

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  • The Importance Of The One-Child Policy In China

    an infringement of basic human rights. The fact that a family with more than one child is shamed whereas a family with only one child is idolized only goes to show a lack of focus on the needs of the people as some families need additional children in order to make a living. The government 's failure to properly establish and act out the one-child policy in a way that drastically decreases the population has caused them to take unlawful measures to ensure that the policy is followed. This…

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  • Chinese Migration

    Not only the Chinese were looking for better life and employment, but the United States also needed labor and potential benefits of trading with the Chinese in order to supply the demands of the Industrial Age.16 The first major wave of Chinese immigrants arrived after 1848, searching for gold, employment, and freedom. Chinese migrants called the western regions of North America, especially San Francisco, Gold Mountain22 to refer to their dreams of becoming rich. The discovery of Gold and other…

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  • BBK Electronics Case Analysis

    smartphones under the Vivo, Oppo and OnePlus brands, and headphones, Blu-ray players and headphone amplifiers under the OPPO Digital division. BBK Electronics' headquarters and production base are in Chang'an, Dongguan. The latest member of the BBK Electronics group is imoo. BBK is the highest taxpayer in Chang'an. As of 2004, BBK also made devices sold in the United States under the Philco and Memorex brands.” “BBK was founded in 1995. Known for its innovation and excellent customer service,…

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