Social Work Case Study Example

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Case Description
Jeff is a 13-year-old boy who was born and lived in Sichuan province and he entered middle school in Guangzhou this year. Before Jeff came to Guangzhou, his academic performance was always high-ranked in his class. Jeff’s parents came from rural area in Sichuang province and both of them only finished their primary school education. They Now they operate a small restaurant in Guangzhou and they are always busy working. They consider that only high academic level can help Jeff get a well-paid job so they highly value Jeff’s academic performance especially Jeff’s father. On the other hand, sometimes Jeff’s father behaves aggressive due to something unpleasant happened in his restaurant and he would scold him or even strike him.
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However, according to the background information of Jeff and the law, Jeff’s father has violent behavior and he abused Jeff. Also, as a school social worker, since Jeff was referred because he did not go to school and his home for two days without any reasons, the social worker should also follow up his absence issue. However, according to Jeff, he believes that once his communication issue has been solved, he won’t be absent from school and his academic performance can improve so that he won’t be abused by his father.
Therefore, in order to help Jeff to be involved in his class and to protect Jeff, the social worker should pay attention to his communication problem as well as the situation that he is being abused by his father. That is, Jeff’s problem is communication issue but his father’s violent behavior should be followed up by the social worker either.

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More specifically, in terms of the language and interpersonal interaction issue, Jeff has motivation to learn Cantonese and be included in his class and all of his classmates, teacher and the school social worker are willing to talk to him. Also, Jeff is not completely unable to communicate with his classmates because all of them are using Chinese and they are able to write Chinese. Furthermore, in terms of being abused by Jeff’s father, the legal system, including the Compulsory Education Law of the People’s Republic of China (2006) and the Law of the Protection of Juveniles (1991, September 4), can protect Jeff from domestic

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