Setting In Amy Tan's A Pair Of Ticket

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Whether it’s about a man out for revenge due to an insult from a friend or a mysterious castle on a hill, setting often play an important role in establishing meaning in stories. Setting is the when, where, an action in fiction takes place. While the setting in a story may seem like a simple part of the story, it can in fact have a huge impact on what is going on in the narrative. In “A Pair of Ticket” the setting plays an effective role because it shows the progression of June May learning about herself, where her family comes from and also relates to the overall theme of the story.
The setting in a narrative is one of the many ways we learn about a character. In Amy Tan’s “A Pair of Tickets,” June May, the protagonist, at the age of fifteen
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The first paragraph introduces reader’s to June May, as she remarks that she is “becoming Chinese”. This sentence aims to instill in the reader a sense of curiosity as to what is going to happen. As the plot continues Amy Tan generates suspense and certain expectation about just what might happen as well as empathize with the narrator’s mother, who had had to abandon her babies while fleeing from Kweilin. Another aspect of the setting is the place describes in the story Guangzhou, China, which relates to thing the character feel. An example can be notice in the shoving and pushing of the crowd as the narrator was getting off the train in Guangzhou. Using imagery to show the reader the story, Tan also uses color, background, weather and the expression of how the character felt to portray an image in the reader mind. For instance, the landscape, which had become gray, the low flat cement buildings, the hot humid sun on her face as she got her passport stamped, and the splash of children wearing yellow, pink, red, and peach western clothes. The details that Amy Tan creates plus meaning evoked by the setting, allows the reader to fully experience June May journey in

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