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  • Medical Assistant Personal Statement

    My journey into the healthcare field was unconventional to say the least. I had no parental influence or family members that worked in the field. Instead, it was a specific moment I remembered vividly that would be my introduction to the healthcare field. At the age of 10, I witnessed the homicide of my uncle. He received a gunshot to the posterior portion of his cranium by another family member. That was the first time I saw brain matter, experienced being helpless, and in shock. The trauma from that experience sparked my interest in healthcare. This will not be the last time I will experience these emotions, but a reminder of why I chose this field. It was a pivotal moment that would help me discover my passion for emergency medicine in later years to come. Having no desire for college debt but also not wanting to be a product of my impoverished environment of South Carolina; I joined the United States Navy in 2006. It was the only option available since I had no guidance on career paths. My parents had no formal education past high school, and that drove me to take a different path in life. Thanks to that decision, eight years of my life was spectacular, but also a grueling ordeal. My occupation in the Navy was to serve as a Hospital Corpsman. Corpsman are the frontline of medicine in all aspects for both the Navy and Marine Corps. I want to be a physician’s assistant because its next logical step to further progress as a clinician. Four Navy corpsman were the first…

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  • Staff Sergeant Citizen

    Staff Sergeant Citizen enlisted in the United States Army on January 26th, 2005. He completed Basic Training at Fort Benning, Georgia in June 1999. He completed Advanced Individual Training at Fort Lee, Virginia in 2005 for Military Occupational Specialty Parachute Rigger. He reclassified and graduated for 68W Healthcare Specialist in 2007 at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. Staff Sergeant Citizen’s has served as an Airdrop Equipment Repair SPC (2-75th Ranger Battalion), Fort Lewis, Washington; Team…

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  • Narrative Essay On The Sniper

    basic when we had to run the two mile run. I started to fall back and Kody ran back to me and told me to keep going, that we were almost done. After that day Kody and I hung out during our free time it started to fall into place not to mess with me. Kody and I went through Basic Training and AIT together, we were placed in 11B, infantryman. I met the rest of my squad, Chris, Ethan, Sean, and Brad. A small team of six. Chris was a sniper in the National Guard, he held a record for the longest…

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