Analysis Of Aaron Kaufman's Open Letter From A Millennial To Society

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For a long time, older generations have liked to moan and bemoan about the younger generation. It has happened since at least the 1920s, when the new woman emerged and rejected the traditions of the Victorian era. Though this has almost become a “rite of passage” as said by Aaron Kaufman in “an Open Letter from a Millennial to Society,” it has made Millennials the “butt” of many mean jokes, and they have had to face many insults about how they are “the dumbest, laziest, most entitled, narcissistic, cocky and most coddled generation to ever live.” Fortunately, contrary to these assumptions, Millennials are not narcissistic or apathetic as they have a high percentage of volunteerism. They also aren’t wrong to feel entitled, which is the most common critique about them. Finally, the previous generations are being hypocritical by calling Millennials these things as those insults were used against previous generations by their parents when criticizing them.
Millennials have always been considered narcissistic by Boomers. The reason for this is their love for selfies, posting photo albums on social media sites, and generally being obsessed by these sites. This, however, is a false accusation as older generations are just as obsessed by them. This is also said by Kelly
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The Boomers and Gen-Xers were responsible for the upbringing of Millennials. Most of the values and beliefs that the next generation have is taught to them by their parents. This is explained by Malone when she says that Millennials are the “product of two long-term social experiments” conducted by their parents: overloading children with self-confidence and encouraging them to follow their passions and interests that looked good on applications to create “little hyperachievers.” These upbringings led to the parents calling the generation “narcissistic” and

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