Foster's Argumentative Analysis

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When it comes to millennials, the older generations seem to think that they are extremely narcissistic compared to them when they were the same age. Of course, that is not the case. While most adults seem to take the same stance on millennials, Brook Lea Foster does not. Brook Lea Foster understands that millennials and previous generations are not much different in terms of being narcissistic. Narcissism is not any more present then it was in the baby boomer age or other generations. Around the fifth paragraph Brook Lea Foster had made a claim that the millennial generation are in a way narcissistic but like every other generation has been. “ They're young and full of themselves, like every other generation that’s come before them was at some point”(542). This line of text shows how she feels about millennials being label as the most narcissistic generation. Brook then brings up the generation known as the Baby Boomers who were claimed to have been one of the most self-obsessed generation at the time. To bring up the Baby Boomers was an excellent choice since they are the generation that may have the most to say over the newer generations and their narcissism. It strengthens her point that the millennials are just going through the same cycle other generations had to go through. Brook Lea Foster also mentions articles by Tom Wolfe titled “ The Me Decade”. It goes over how the Baby Boomers were seen as more narcissistic than their older counterparts and how every generation has been seen as more …show more content…
She backed up her statements with data to allow her argument to be seen as a good one. She did very well in hooking the audience in and informing them on past data and how data now cannot always be relied on. Brook Lea Foster has made the audience understand how millennials and other generations go through narcissistic life

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