Baby Boomers Vs Millennials

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How often have you heard the cliché back in my day? Or how about the phrase that’s what’s wrong with today’s youth. Often enough you hear these phrases from the older generation known as Baby Boomers. The views on their off spring generation, also known as Millennials, has been usually negative, labeling them as lazy, selfish, and social media obsessed. Could it be possible that the Baby Boomers are right about the Millennials? The differences between these two generations play a major role in not only how each generation progresses, but how they develop as individuals. Along with these factors, the economy during these generations also influences them. In order to answer this question, one must understand the differences between the two generations. One thing that separates these two generations is their work ethics. According to Cindy …show more content…
This characteristic of the Millennials has landed them the negative titles of selfish and lazy. Instead of focusing on values that baby boomers hold highly, Millennials have instead focused more on career growth and personal growth. “In the interview with Prince, he says “When they started having kids it was, ‘What can I do to make my family happy?’”. He said. “With Gen Yers, it’s, ‘What can I do in my career that makes me happy?’”(Perman. C, 2013, Para. 6). This shows that Millennials are more career oriented unlike their parent generation who view these career goals as negative. In the article Boomerang Kids: What are the causes of Generation Y’s Growing Pains? The author Rosie Evans says, “Rather than seeing Millennials as lazy and directionless, Arnett sees them as having meaningful experiences leading to better decisions about the kinds of lives they want to lead as adults” (Evans, p. 198).Although some people can view personal growth as a selfish act, to Millennials it’s their sense of

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