Consumer Behavior Case Study

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The study of consumers helps firms and business apply various marketing strategies to target specific segments of the population by understanding the psychology of not only how they think but also how they are influenced from outside sources (culture, family, friends and media). The consumer behavior for the three youngest age cohorts, Generations X, Y and Tweens (who are a subset of Generation Z), are different thus the marketer must adapt its marketing mix to match the consumption of the cohorts.
Babin and Harris state that the “Generation X consumers were born between 1965 and 1980”, while the Generation Y consumers “were born between 1981 and 1995.” (197) Tweens, a subset of Generation Z, are 8-12 years of age therefore born between 2003
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Intermixed with incidences such as the Oklahoma bombing and 911, Microsoft came out with Windows 95, Apple with the iPod and sheep and tomatoes were cloned. They were raised under the premise that there are no winners and losers and were praised for participating. Family was emphasized which led to greater attention towards leisure activities and lower career ambitions. (Mature Market Institute) Over 80% of Generation Y use social media and text messaging, statements and bills have paperless delivery. They act on the reciprocity principle with products/brands. With peer reviews and company feedback through the use of the online world Generation Y has a large impact on the spending habits of others. Generation Y are also civic and environmentally inclined. Companies that are "socially responsible, are good environmental stewards, protect personal data, or are transparent and sincere" are more positively received. (Barton, Koslow, Beauchamp) Advertisements should be optimistic and positive, brand personalities that are humorous, sarcastic or Snarky are appealing. They should also visually portray the generation as a broad ethnicity. While traditional media, television, newspapers, radio, and catalogs, reach Generation Y marketing via mobile devices has the greatest impact. Celebrity endorsements and co-branding are also of value. …show more content…
Tweens have never known a world without computers, internet, cell phones, gaming devices and MP3 players. They watch their favorite shows and movies either on the internet, DVR or via On-demand cable. Larissa Faw reports that over 80% of both boys and girls communicate online, despite that less than 7% participate in blogging or communicating with strangers. With the multiple means of online access Tweens are no longer reliant on the gatekeeper(s) for information, giving them a larger pool of information on products and services. One-click shopping is the norm in their lives, however it not only what the Tweens spend themselves but also what relatives such as parents and grandparents spend on them. Per Euromonitor International with more women working plus a smaller number of children per household means more money is spent on each child. They are children who are no longer little children but not yet teenagers. Less is spent on ‘childish’ toys and more on things that are considered ‘grown up’. According to an Marketing Sherpa article Tweens spend 82% of their money on entertainment, video games, music, movies, books and videos/DVDs, both digital and hardcopy. As an article by Ruth Bernstein points out “they look for products and messaging that reflect a reality rather than a

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