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  • Benedict Arnold: The Revolutionary War

    Benedict Arnold A man, who was once known as one of the greatest generals involved in the revolutionary war, quickly gained the reputation of a traitor to America. General Benedict Arnold suddenly betrayed America and joined the British enemy. Much controversy is raised when discussing the reason Arnold chose to switch sides, but historical documents clear unanswered questions and have the potential to justify his reasons. From a different perspective, his actions signify personal gain, but consequently end in defeat. Benedict Arnold was a loyal American hero who abandoned the American cause for multiple reasons. The start of the Revolutionary War contributed to Arnold’s reputation as a hero. The conflict occurred between America and Great…

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  • Benedict Arnold: War Hero Or Villain

    2 9-15-15 Benedict Arnold During war hero’s should typically be on one side to better that one side. Benedict Arnold was different having an effect of both sides in one war. No general was more creative as Arnold, and can be considered as the most courageous officer in History , yet Arnold is known, not as a hero is but as a villain. Arnold was a commander at West Point, New York, and Arnold planned to hand it over to the British. Although Benedict Arnold made huge gains as a leader in the…

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  • Was Benedict Arnold A Hero Or Traitor?

    By definition, Benedict Arnold is a traitor. One of the most dramatic characters in history, The Notorious Benedict Arnold and Arnold’s letter to a British officer, John André, about selling West Point both contribute to the story of Arnold’s cowardly transferring from American to British forces. Clearly, his motivations were his lack of appreciation by other militants and need for a lavish lifestyle. Even though Benedict Arnold won over critical battlegrounds and contributed to the…

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  • Benedict Arnold Biography

    The Biography of Benedict Arnold Benedict Arnold was the biggest traitors in history but he never received what he was promised for becoming one. Benedict Arnold was born on January 14, 1741 in Norwich, Connecticut and died June 14,1801. In this paper you will learn about Benedict Arnold’s childhood, how he became known as the biggest traitor in the history of the United States, and how he switched sides in the middle of the war. In this paragraph Benedict Arnold’s childhood and family will be…

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  • Benedict Arnold Summary

    Benedict Arnold comes from a line of disgraced ancestors, and he plans on restoring the family name. Headstrong, courageous, and fiercely brash, he is in the midst of the Revolutionary War when it starts. He begins by signing up as a general, and soon decides to take over Fort Ticonderoga. On the way, he meets Ethan Allen, another countryman who wants to take over Fort Ti himself. Arnold disagrees violently, and this is just the beginning of his many adventurous encounters. As Arnold rises…

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  • Who Is Benedict Arnold A Hero

    but felt like he should fight with the British. “Benedict Arnold was a general during the American Revolutionary War who originally fought for the American Continental Army but defected to the British Army. While a general on the American side, he obtained command of the fort at West Point, New York, and plotted to surrender it to the British forces.” Benedict Arnold was a loving man, but betrayed his team. Equally important, Arnold's betrayal at the…

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  • Benedict Arnold Research Paper

    Jackson Lane Professor Lamaree HIS 121 – 8:05am class August 2015 Benedict Arnold Benedict Arnold, too many was a patriot turned traitor, some say he was just loyal to his home country and he stood up for what he believes in. Arnold was born on January 14, 1741 in Norwich; Connecticut He was one of the many Benedict Arnolds to make an impact on the New World. People use the term “Your such a Benedict Arnold”, and most Know he was a traitor but no one knows the whole story. What Arnold did to…

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  • Benedict Arnold: The American Traitor

    Good morning, you are tuning into Category 4 news, today we will be talking about Benedict Arnold the American Traitor, the Sons of Liberty, the Advantages of the British and Americans, Yorktown, Treaty of Paris, Women’s Contributions, and African American Contributions. Anthony(Benedict Arnold): Benedict Arnold was born on January 14, 1741. He grew up in Connecticut, he also had five brothers and sisters, but one of his sisters died from yellow fever at a very young age. He began his business…

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  • Benedict Arnold: Hero Or Traitor?

    Even though Benedict Arnold is a known synonym for the word “traitor,” what he has done for the United States before he became a traitor is impressive. People might say that a traitor is a traitor, but the past matters. Arnold was a memorable and skilled person that impressed his allies and enemies more than once. Without him in the beginning of the American Revolution, the Americans would have had a really hard time. He cheered for the soldiers to stand and fight but he was also known for his…

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  • Notorious Benedict Arnold Character Analysis

    In the evaluation and reading of the book “Notorious Benedict Arnold” by Steve Sheinkin, it is clear that Benedict Arnold was an amazing hero in the Revolutionary War for the continental army. Time After time Arnold shows himself to be selfless and courageous in fighting certain battles against the much more advanced and experience British military, despite the overwhelming odds of defeat for the American armies. While reading the book, many different opportunities are developed on how Arnold…

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