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  • Fooled By Randomness By Nassim Nicholas Taleb

    Just for fun, Nassim Nicholas Taleb enjoys making fun of those who take themselves, better yet, their levels of know-how, too seriously. Hinting that his habit of poking fun at scholars is a possible coping mechanism for his intellectual insecurity. In his book, “Fooled by Randomness,” he attempts to equate one’s success to mere chance or randomness. Making a case that moderate success can be influenced by hard-work, and the level of skills one possesses, but that success to higher degree is the result of good fortune and or arbitrary events. Can prosperity, in truth, depend on being in the right place at the right time? After reading Mr. Taleb’s book, I’m beginning to wonder if that’s the case. The primary thesis of this book is that people…

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  • The Black Swan Rhetorical Analysis

    future situations through analyzing similar past scenarios. However, according to NYU Professor Taleb’s bestseller, The Black Swan, even well-supported predictions are futile in the occurrence of a black swan event—one that is deemed highly improbable, but causes great consequences (Taleb). The Black Swan provides a philosophical analysis on the value of factual and historical knowledge, the fallacies associated with prediction and forecasting, and the role of serendipity in the advancement of…

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  • Stings Sylvia Plath Analysis

    Sylvia Plath tragically died more than 50 years ago, however the vitality of her work continues on. To some, Plath’s writing is a biography of her life, yet to others, her work is simply a piece of art to be admired and studied. Through the earlier drafts of her poem “Stings,” one can develop a biographical perception of Plath’s writing. However, it is within her published version of “Stings” that Plath’s writing is revealed as the Introduction to Johnny Panic states, “impassioned…

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  • Nicholas Sparks's The Tree House

    “Beth stopped short suddenly and faced him. All at once, Clayton noticed her anger had been replaced by something more close to terror. The tree house” (Sparks 314). Coming home provided no leisure for Logan Thibault. Not even a quaint fishing trip to Minnesota allowed him to escape Death’s longing for him. All that stood between Death and Logan was a Simple Picture. Logan’s new life revolved around that single picture, which he would spend the rest of his life trying to repay that debt. Logan…

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  • Clothing In Elizabethan England

    England is a beautiful place to live, or even visit someday. The weather is usually cold and wet. Warm and comfortable clothes are a necessity. People throughout the ages, such as people in Elizabethan Era, wanted to be warm and stylish. The dress and clothing of Elizabethan England is a very important part of England’s history. In Elizabethan England, clothing could be bright and beautiful, or simple and plain. What clothes you wore depended on your station in life and your financial…

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  • Who Is The Narrator In 'To Build A Fire'

    "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away." - Philip K. Dick. Whether you've heard this famous saying or not, it seems to ring true. For example, when you were a child, you were told that Santa Claus is existent and that he's the one that comes down your chimney (if you happen to have one), place presents under your Christmas tree, and bite into the cookies and drink the milk left out for him. So you believed it because you simply suppose "My parents wouldn't lie to…

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  • Personal Narrative: Switching Places With Santa Claus On Christmas

    If I were to switch places with somebody for a day, I’d switch places with Santa Claus on Christmas day. Why, you ask? The answer is simple. To ruin Christmas for all the little girls and boys. As Santa Claus, I would fill their presents with their past pet animal’s rotting corpses. They would smell the stench of rotting flesh, unable to figure what it’s coming from, but when it’s time to open presents they’ll let out a blood curdling scream. Oh, how I’ll laugh my jolly Santa Claus laugh, my…

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  • Romanticised Love Analysis

    loneliness, longing and other types of emotional suffering. Three texts with well known representation of unrealistic love are, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice (1813), Nicholas Spark’s Notebook (1996) and J.F. Lawton’s Pretty Woman (1990). Each of these texts represent and demonstrate unrealistic ideas of love, however differ in the impacts they have on each individuals life. Throughout The Notebook a number of key scenes portray a love which is unrealistic causing many expectations for…

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  • The Similarities Between Kris Kringle And Santa Claus

    The name Kris Kringle and Santa Claus are often interchanged during the Christmas season. Are they the same, is Kris Kringle the real Santa? Let’s take a trip back in time to answer not only this question but others like, how the reindeer fly? Why does Santa wear a red suit, and why does it look as we see it today? And, how can Santa carry a bag of hundreds of toys over his shoulder? Why does he live at the North Pole where it is always cold and dark for almost half the year, and how do they…

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  • The Notebook Comparison

    Why I Think The Notebook is Worth Seeing Never has a film swept me away into a story like The Notebook, and never have I found a truer romance. Author Nicholas Sparks- based this movie on the relationship of his wife’s grandparents Noah and Allie. Sparks captures their love story as both Noah and Allie go through trials as a result of her parents’ displeasure of their relationship, they experienced years of separation, and other love interest. If not for their unwavering love, devotion to each…

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