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  • An Analysis Of The Death With Dignity Act

    The Death with Dignity Act was first implemented in Oregon during 1997. This law allows mentally competent, terminally-ill adult state residents to voluntarily request to receive a prescription medication to accelerate their death. The purpose of this research is to identify the ethical and religious controversies preventing the Death with Dignity Act from being passed nationwide. As of today, only four states have approved the Death with Dignity Act, including, Vermont, Oregon, California, and…

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  • Women's Roles In The Catholic Church Essay

    Women’s roles in the Catholic church have remained relatively consistent in the fact that women have never been allowed to become priests but have continued their service to the church in the role as nuns. Even though the church has modernized in other ways, they have not caught up to improving gender equality in the West. Why is this still a controversial issue especially since in other denominations of Christianity, such as the Methodist church, have appointed women preachers? This is still an…

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  • Pope Francis First Speech

    The year 2013 witnessed many historical moments, from President Barak Obama negotiating reconciliation between Israel and Turkey to the Amanda Knox trial that entered the hearts of millions of families across the United States (“2013 - the year in review: Timeline of major news stories | Home News | News | The Independent,” n.d.). That year also saw the election of the 266th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church and the first pope from the Americas. When the new Pope stepped out onto the balcony on…

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  • How Does Technology Affect Religion

    comments that they tend to update at least once every few days when they are home and three to four times a day when they are traveling. It is wonderful that it “allows updates instantly” another comments. The documentary goes on to include that Pope Benedict III does not only allow social media sites but, encourages the members to use sights to spread their gospel truths. He also expresses his concern because there have been many instances where people have become confused or angered by some of…

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  • Summary Of The Novel 'A Morbid Taste For Bones'

    author speaks of the meticulous process of creating the perfect dose, because overdose could be more lethal than the actual disease. This is historically accurate. These herb gardens were very important in the lives of Benedictine monks. According to Benedict of Nursia, the founder of Monte Cassino monastery “Before all things, and above all things, especial care must be taken of the sick.” When any monk joins into a monastery of any kind, not just a Benedictine Monastery, he must take vows. He…

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  • Examples Of Simonies In Dante's Inferno

    Dante Alighieri's first book in the divine comedy the Inferno is a religious epic that condemns those who are blasphemous towards the church but is also a careful condemnation of the power of the catholic church.Through the Pilgrim's journey through hell he sees and learns many things from his environment, the people he meets in hell, as well as his guide Virgil. However as he is traveling through the hellscape Dante is commentating about the state of affairs as he sees it in 12th century Europe…

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  • Essay On Crime And Corruption In The Great Gatsby

    The old saying goes, it is only illegal if you get caught. Throughout the 1920’s, organized crime leaders took this to the extreme thus, violence and corruption increased rampantly. While many straightforward Americans viewed the American dream as a stable economic state some viewed it as a method to get rich quick. The corruption of this era rose to unparalleled heights with some people losing faith in police officers, judges, and anyone in government. Prohibition only added to the chaos of the…

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  • Theme Of Destruction In The Great Gatsby

    Destruction Fee As Jay Gatsby attempts to win over his golden girl, he is oblivious to the fact that he is hurting himself and the people he cares about along the way. Not only is Gatsby blind to not see the incongruity of his goal, but he fails to realize that the love of his life, Daisy Buchanan, has other aspirations for her ideal life that Gatsby will never be able to fulfill. Much like the way Gatsby thinks and acts, Tom Buchanan and Myrtle Wilson struggle to be mollified with what they…

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  • Importance Of Women In The Great Gatsby

    The Great Gatsby In the story of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, it has taught us that ladies would go after guys that are high class and have tons of money. Back in the Jazz Age, many females would like to live in a wonderful life. The would like to marry guys that are able to support themselves by getting what they want to have or what they need the most. Most ladies do not the men for who they are, but what they had become and their title. In this story, there are three ladies that…

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  • The Concept Of The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

    The idea of the American Dream is treated in a similar way in The Great Gatsby. Nick perceives Gatsby as “so peculiarly American” and can be considered for much of the novel as the embodiment someone seeking the American dream. (Fitzgerald 64). However, when Gatsby is killed, and “nobody came” to the funeral, the reader comes to the conclusion that the American Dream is an impossible one (176). Part of the allure of both of these characters is their personal aesthetic. However, while Dean…

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