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  • Importance Of Women In The Great Gatsby

    The Great Gatsby In the story of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, it has taught us that ladies would go after guys that are high class and have tons of money. Back in the Jazz Age, many females would like to live in a wonderful life. The would like to marry guys that are able to support themselves by getting what they want to have or what they need the most. Most ladies do not the men for who they are, but what they had become and their title. In this story, there are three ladies that…

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  • The Concept Of The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

    The idea of the American Dream is treated in a similar way in The Great Gatsby. Nick perceives Gatsby as “so peculiarly American” and can be considered for much of the novel as the embodiment someone seeking the American dream. (Fitzgerald 64). However, when Gatsby is killed, and “nobody came” to the funeral, the reader comes to the conclusion that the American Dream is an impossible one (176). Part of the allure of both of these characters is their personal aesthetic. However, while Dean…

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  • The Great Gatsby Moral Essay

    Thesis Statement: I believe that wealth does not immediately define the morals and sins of those who are possession of it, due to many lower class characters partaking in immoral acts, morals being shaped by upbringing, not bank, and that lower class citizens have a wealthy and greedy mindset, but are, in fact, not wealthy themselves. Subclaim 1: In The Great Gatsby, a majority of the characters portrayed as being part of the lower class are shown to be just as immoral as those who were born…

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  • The American Dream: The Great Gatsby

    American Dream: The Great Gatsby In the novel, The Great Gatsby, F. S. Fitzgerald writes about a time period in American history where achieving anything was possible, at least that was the common belief. Not only does he describe the economic, social, and historical circumstances that drive his characters, but also a glimpse into the minds of the characters that they use as a way to justify their actions and motives. The most basic reason for the actions that take place in the course of the…

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  • Theme Of Desire In The Great Gatsby

    “Desires push people to give up something that they’ve had for something that they want.” In The Great Gatsby, many things are hinted at and there are many themes and interpretations that can be made from the story. In my case, I based my findings off of desire. One of my main reasons for this is because of the amount of love that flies around in the story. It’s pandemonium in a sense. Even from the beginning, we learn early in the story that Daisy and Jay are in love. But when Jay left for war…

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  • American Dream In The Great Gatsby

    The American Dream is a devil in disguise. While many see the American Dream as an opportunity to a better, more fulfilling life, it misleadingly entices those who pursue it. Individuals who try to follow his/her own American Dream usually face disappointment after being misled by the false facade it presents. The United States is understand to be a place that offers space and freedom to succeed for those desperate to escape their miserably disappointing reality. However, our perceived…

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  • Compare And Contrast East Egg And West Egg In The Great Gatsby

    In the novel The Great Gatsby, the two main settings are the two very contrasting East Egg and West Egg. F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author of The Great Gatsby, uses the distinct differences between New York’s East Egg and West Egg to his advantage by furthering the character building throughout the novel, showing the East Eggers’ pretentious prejudice towards West Egg, and also displaying the East Eggers’ dumbfoundment towards the completely contrasting West Egg lifestyle. These contrasts become…

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  • Negligence In The Great Gatsby Analysis

    People who are careless about what they do not only affect their own lives, but they also end up changing or altering others’ lives as well. This was the case throughout the entire novel, entitled The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald starts off the novel with an ambitious, young man by the name of Nick Carraway. This man moves to West Egg in New York to become a bonds man, but soon ends up dropping his aspiring plan to follow Jay Gatsby on a wild ride. Jay Gatsby, referred to…

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  • The Importance And Significance Of Geography In The Great Gatsby

    The Importance and Significance of Geography in The Great Gatsby Geography plays a very important part in the novel The Great Gatsby. There is the significance of East and West Egg, places that are similar in the fact that, for the most part, only very wealthy people live there. Also, the people there very entitled. They are very different in almost every way besides that.There is also the middle ground that is the Mid-west, which is completely different from both the East and the West. The…

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  • Theme Of Isolation In The Great Gatsby

    The Great Gatsby is a Modernist novel by the author F. Scott Fitzgerald. It deals with the situation of society in the Roaring Twenties, in the volatile time between World War I and the Great Depression. The Great Gatsby is a story that wrestles with a lot of themes, two of which are isolation and unattainable desires. One theme in this book is the loneliness and shallow connections that characters make. Gatsby frequently has hundreds of people at his house for parties, but it is often…

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