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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of 'Latinas Make Sweet 16-Ish Their Own'

    America has been influenced by many different ethnicities and cultures. “Latinas Make Sweet 16-ish Their Own” by Lizette Alvarez states that the traditional quinceanera party is over done in this generation. Journalist Alvarez’s purpose is to inform the readers that birthday party is a waste of money because many people treat sweet 16th birthday party like weddings; therefore, this statement is a categorical truth. The idea of a quinceanera birthday party started from the Spanish culture. The party symbolizes a young girl transforming into a woman. Journalist Alvarez states that everything can become Americanized. The idea of a quincenera has turn into a Sweet 16 ish party that cost an endless amount of money. According to Alvarez, “The…

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  • Quinceanera

    It is a tradition and most Hispanics teenager girls to have a Quinceanera, a party celebrating their 15th birthday. Religiously this ceremony this important because it consists of giving God thanks for his blessings. If I decided not to have a quinceanera my parents wouldve be able and have the opportunity and experience the different acts during the ceremony. Although, I have a younger brother, it is very uncommon for boys to have a Quinceanera, since these ceremonies usually symbolizes…

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  • Quinceañera

    Excitement lead me to be earlier than expected in the office of my event planner. “Let’s get this party started” I remembered him saying. We sat and delight ourselves with the presentation his team had prepared for us, creativity at its best. The invitation designs, the furnitures, the food and beverage catering, the whole party as a design was a fantasy that lead me to the whole college major issue. I felt enjoyment and pleasure during the planification of my “quinceañera” and it made me think…

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  • Quinceanera Celebration

    In Spanish-speaking cultures, it is common that when a girl turns fifteen her family throws her a Quinceañera. The Quinceañera is like a “Sweet 15” or in American culture a “Sweet 16”. A Quinceañera is referred to as a mini boda or a miniature wedding. This celebrates the maturity of the young adult. Since this is a religious celebration it is expected that the young adult will live a life full of honesty and dedication to God. The celebration takes place in a church and then a reception at the…

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  • Quinceanera Speech

    father wear she slips on a pair of high heels and is gifted a doll which symbolizes from childhood to adulthood. In the traditional Quinceañera there are fourteen damas (similar to bridesmaids)…

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  • Quinceañera Tradition

    Quinceañeras developed in Aztec culture in Mesoamerica around 500B.C. What’s special about this rite of passage is that it symbolizes a young girl's path into womanhood once they turn into the age of 15, thus receiving the term ‘quinceañera’ meaning ‘fifteen year old female’. According to Wikipedia.org (lastly edited on October 27, 2016), in the year prior to a young woman’s fifteenth birthday, she is taught how to cook, weave, and about child bearing by older women in their communities. In…

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  • Quinceanera Analysis

    a tradition, but there are much more, for example, a Quinceanera. A Quinceanera is a traditional party, you have when you turn 15. A Quinceanera is to say that you left the little girl and became a young woman. In “Apache girl” she went through obstacles to become an Apache Girl and to let go of the little girl she was. I relate to “Apache Girl” because when I turn 15 I’m going to have a Quinceanera because that is a family tradition my family and I have. Since I was a little girl I’ve always…

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  • Quinceañera Traditions

    Quinceañeras In several different Latino-American countries and cultures, when a person becomes 15 it is perhaps the most significant event worthy of a huge celebration. There is a history to quinceañera that is generally tied with religion, although the religious aspect of a Quinceañera is not always practiced today. In the Unite States many families of Latino decent are also beginning to infuse the American Sweet Sixteen with the traditional Quinceañera. Although Quinceañeras are not always…

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  • Quinceanera Party

    My quinceanera will be a huge party for my sixteenth birthday! The day of the party will be August fifth. The theme will be a Disney theme, which means you will have to dress like a Disney character. The venue of my quinceanera will be at Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World. The party will start at two o’clock in the afternoon. Since it is my quinceanera, I will be dressing like Cinderella! My dress will be a blue ball gown and I will wear a pair of flats. Why am I wearing flats?I am wearing…

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  • Dance In A Quinceañera

    I would never have expected to dance in a quinceañera in high school. I grew up in the white neighborhood of Hermosa Beach, California where I wasn’t exposed to events like quinceañeras. In fact, when my friend asked if I wanted to be her main chambelan for her quinceañera, I gave a response fully exuding my cultural naïveté. “What the heck is a chambelan?” I replied. My experience with a quinceañera—apart from becoming a world-class dancer—led me to interact with people of different…

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