Lady Byng Memorial Trophy

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    This was the start of his unimaginable career he had in the NHL. Dominating the league for the next twenty one years. From the trophies earned and the records broken, Gretzky is an athlete to remember forever. The first reason why Gretzky is one of the most influential hockey players of all time is for the records and trophies earned in his NHL career. Gretzky has six assists records, including most career assists (Gretzky). The Oilers team was like no other, not only having Gretzky, but also Jari Kurri and Glenn Anderson. Goals came easy, as Gretzky knew also how to pass the puck and to set up his teammates. Gretzky also has six goal records, including most career goals (Gretzky). He had four points (a goal or assist) records, including most career points (Gretzky). Many more records set by Gretzky including, fifteen playoff records and six all star records (Gretzky). Along with all of the records, Gretzky earned many trophies in the NHL. He earned the Hart Memorial Trophy (most valuable player) a total of nine times. The Art Ross Trophy (scoring champion) ten times, the Conn Smythe Trophy (playoff most valuable player) twice, and the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy (sportsmanship) five times. This is only the start of the trophies earned by Gretzky. Other trophies include the Stanley Cup four times, and the Canada Cup three times. The total of trophies earned is an astonishing number of thirty one, how is that not influential to the game? From his own words, and a reason how he…

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