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    on May 3, 1933, James Joe Brown Jr. was born. (Brown & Tucker, chapter 1 pg. 1) From the very beginning, Brown’s life had various struggles from his mother leaving to his father’s gambling habit. (Brown & Tucker, pg.4-7) Despite his father’s gambling habit, Brown considered his father “hardworking” and to quote him “I think I got a lot of my drive from him”. (Brown & Tucker, pg. 7) Eventually his dad left, leaving his aunt to raise him around prostitution, gambling and bootlegging. (Brown & Tucker, chapter…

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    satisfied the young audience that the arena rock failed to manage. As the developing of the starting of the rock and roll, the music that supports by the youth tends to be an outbreak in the next decades for the youth have grown up. The gap that arena rock left out has affected the reformation of rock history that performed by the punk rock music with its rebellious attitude and totally opposite features that brings changes in the next generation. CH19 Question 3 Beside the sharing…

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