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  • The American Romantic Hero In The Last Of The Mohicans

    The American Romantic Hero is a literary archetype referring to a character that rejects established norms and conventions, and has been rejected by society. The 1992 movie, The Last of The Mohicans loosely follows the original book about the journey of Hawkeye and his family as they help Cora and Alice Munro and Colonel Duncan Heyward against Huron war chief, Magua during the French and Indian war. During the movie Hawkeye displays many characteristics that make him an American romantic hero. Through out The Last of The Mohicans Hawkeye exemplifies that his is innocent and pure of purpose, he has a knowledge of people and of life based on deep, intuitive understanding, not on formal learning, and he has has a sense of honor based not on society’s rules but on some higher principle. During the film, Hawkeye proves he possess these characteristics during many scenes including when he helped the colonist escape home, the graveyard scene, and saved the Munro sisters and Duncan. One of the characteristics Hawkeye possess exhibits is innocence and pureness of purpose. In the film as Hawkeye, Uncas, Chingachgook, the Munro sisters, and Duncan are en route to Fort Henry William they come upon the Cameron’s burnt down cabin, everyone inside dead. Hawkeyes refuses to bury them much to Cora’s dismay and they continue on. Later on Hawkeye explains to her that although they were his friends, if he had buried them, it would have given away their location to the Huron war party. Although…

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  • Haudenosaunee In Canada

    splitting the work between the men and the women. The men would clear the fields but the women were the farmers. The social structure was basic on a matrilineal society, where the descendants would come from the side of the woman. The female members of the tribe would live together with their families in a single longhouse. The clans were matrilineal comprised of several matrilineages, which besides being of symbolic and ceremonial importance, also served “to regulate marriage patterns, as…

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