Five Families

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  • Family: The Five Types Of Family

    we talk about “family” in todays, society, different types of families come to mind. They can be, a nuclear family, an extended family, a single family, foster family or an adoptive family. According to the Oxford University Press, “family” is defined as a group consisting of two parents and their children, living together as a unit. In actuality there are five types of families. Although families vary in appearance, their common purpose is to provide a loving, caring and constructive environment for their family members. Some people experience only one type of family, but I have had the privilege of experiencing all five family structures growing up. A traditional nuclear family comprises of a father mother and their children residing together. The father plays the role of head of household as well as bread winner, while the mother handles domestic work. This was the case when I was five. I was a happy carefree little girl with a father, mother, a brother and sister. Father worked in Nairobi and came home only for Christmas and Easter holidays. The rest of us lived in the Rift Valley. One night we were awaken by a loud banging on the door. It was my mother’s cousin who lived in the next village, and was yelling at mother to get us out, that our lives were in danger. We ran and hid in the…

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  • Five Characteristics Of A Healthy Family

    Please do the following and record your answers: 1. Make your own lists of characteristics of a healthy family, a good friend and a good date (six points possible - two points per list). Include at least five characteristics on each list. A healthy family should consist of: socializing with each other, being comfortable with each other, being able to count on one another, having trust among each other, being able to forgive one another, and having respect for one another. A good friend…

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  • Five Families El Norte Analysis

    In Five Families, El Norte, and in Stand and Deliver, there is the common theme of breaking out of the vicious cycle of poverty. Education is seen as an opportunity to escape from this cycle and lead a better life; however, pursuing one is a struggle for many as family obligations and discrimination often block the road. The Martinez family resides in the Mexican highlands in Azteca, sixty miles south of Mexico City, and is best compared to the Xuncax family in El Norte. Both families face…

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  • Five Family Values

    There are five types of family values. These values are social, political, religious, work and moral. (Duffy, n.d) In African-American culture religion is the foundation of many families. This is a cultural and familial value that has been passed down for generations. African-American’s suffered from slavery and oppression for many years and the only motivation or hope that was given to us was through religion. For example, the first influences of African-American Culture into hymns came from…

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  • Five Theories Of The African American Family

    To gain a better understanding of the African American family, one must study the African philosophy and cosmology. By learning about the philosophies origins and its five themes, the black family will be able to harmonize itself and begin to see what is wrong with research done by people like E. Franklin Frazier and Daniel Moynihan. Once this is accomplished the black family can free itself from western conceptual incarceration. There are five central themes in African philosophy and cosmology…

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  • British Television Vs American Sitcoms

    Title Television is a universal idea, for decades it has brought family, friends, and all sorts of relationships to come together. However, television can vary from country to country. What may be popular in one part of the world, might not even be aired on another. America and Britain are usually paired with one another when discussing ideas about the world, because they contain so many similarities. Throughout the course of my time here, I have discovered, although that is not the case when it…

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  • Five Ways Your Family Can Live A Greener Life

    5 Ways Your Family Can Live a Greener Life When you have a family to take care of, living a green life is often the farthest thought from your mind. You’re either too busy driving kids to school, running to the grocery story, or trying to figure out how to pay all of your bills. You think that you just don’t have the time or money to spend on living an eco-friendly life. However, there are ways that your family can live a greener life that aren’t time consuming or expensive. Below are 5 simple…

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  • Kurt Vonnegut Writing Style Analysis

    themes such as war, sex, and death makes his stories bluntly honest. To verify the assumption made, three novels were read. The novels include: Slaughterhouse-Five, Cat’s Cradle, and Breakfast of Champions. Vonnegut’s style is exhibited by multiple literary devices used throughout all the novels, and also some personal experiences. The way he writes his novels makes his stories stand out from any other author, because he does put in his own experiences and his…

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  • The Ninety-Five Theses Analysis

    social instances. Committed to the thought that salvation could be come to through confidence and by saintly elegance just, Luther energetically questioned the degenerate routine of offering indulgences. Following up on this conviction, he composed the "Controversy on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences," otherwise called "The Ninety-Five Theses," a rundown of inquiries and recommendations for verbal confrontation. Prominent legend has it that on October 31, 1517 Luther insubordinately nailed…

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  • Martin Luther's Ninety-Five Theses Analysis

    Germany on November 10, 1483, and died on February 18, 1546. He was a German professor of theology, a composer, and an influential figure in the Protestant Reformation. He was also a German monk who wanted to change things about the Catholic Church, and this is the main reason why he wrote the theses. He wrote the Ninety-Five Theses, also known as the Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences, to debate a list of questions and propositions. He did not know at the time that his…

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