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  • Prologue To The Death Of Admiral Hawthorne

    “This court has determined regardless of supposed good intentions, Captain Wallace, you did aid in the death of Admiral Hawthorne by restraining the use of his arm,” Admiral ‘Round’ said, or so I referred to him. His girth surpassed his height so much so that he found need to stretch his arms and roll forward to reach the desk in front of him. “Therefore, you will be removed from service in the Royal Navy and no longer receive benefits associated with a member there of.” There were a number of gasps of surprise and several cheers at the reading of the verdict. The court room, normally minimally occupied for such a proceeding was filled to crushing capacity due to the sensationalist nature of the case. I, however, was more entertained by the floating particles of dust caught in the beams of sunlight shining through the chambers’ window.…

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  • Harassment In The Navy Essay

    didn’t have an admiralty. But a solution was arrived at. They honored him by promoting him to the newly created grade of Read Admiral, and he became the first person to hold the rank. But his exploits during the War were not over, nor were his promotions. Later, as Farragut charged into Mobile Bay, he also paraded into history. His armada facing mines—or, as they were then known, torpedoes—he nonetheless understood the need to move forward. Accepting the risks and challenge, he uttered to his…

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  • Admiral Characteristics

    In English class, we have read many stories about people with admiral traits. For example, Lincoln was incredibly honest, Kennedy was extraordinarily brave, and Margaret Bourke-White was able to have a sense of humor in difficult times. Although these three people possessed equally important traits, however, others throughout history who have also expressed their fine characteristics and inspired others. Three different people with three different traits have spoken out to me. Those people are…

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  • Seabiscuit Film Analysis Essay

    They portray his racing career incorrectly, as successful at first, then only with Seabiscuit. They do this for another aspect of being an underdog. Though they commonly avoid his injuries that occur other than his blindness and his broken leg before the War Admiral race. Red Pollard had many other injuries including a broken hip, femur, and collarbone. These other injuries detracted from the story; it would have detracted away from the theme of the piece and made it more about how much Pollard…

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  • Analyzing Admiral Mcraven's Speech

    example, the speech from Admiral McRaven to the 2014 graduating class from the University of Austin, Texas captures his audience with a strong message. McRaven utilizes a central theme throughout the speech to the student body. This theme was all about making a difference in the world as the students become adults in the real world. Admiral McRaven conveys his speech through many devices. The first device he uses is connection. The way Admiral McRaven connects his stories in basic to real life…

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  • Admiral Arleigh A. Burke's Persuasion Tactics

    Admiral Arleigh A. Burke was born on October 19, 1901, in Boulder, Colorado. Burke grew up in Boulder in a fairly difficult environment – “He attended a one room elementary school through the eighth grade and then high school…”(“Admiral Arleigh A Burke”). Arleigh had other ideas for his future – “…farming fitted neither his talents nor desires, he sought and received a congressional appointment to the US Naval Academy.” (“Admiral Arleigh A Burke, USN”). Upon his high school graduation, he…

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  • The Admiral: Roaring Currents Film Analysis

    The film The Admiral: Roaring Currents shows that hope, even in a desperate situation, can be found not far away. As every day in each living human life, bad circumstances can have a sound ending. Thus, all of us faces several times critical situations in our lives. At those critical momentums of open scenarios, pragmatic and efficient actions could become challenges. Having to face a stress like a quarrel with someone, presenting tardy meetings, passed due work, taking a new job, or in the…

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  • Rear Admiral Grace Hopper Essay

    Rear Admiral Grace Hopper made one of the most significant impacts on the field of Computer Science and programming ever through her work both in and out of the Navy. Hopper’s most memorable and well known contribution she made occurred while she was working at Harvard, and found a moth inside of a Mark II computer, shorting it. This moth is the source of the common term “computer bug” still used today. However, the field of Computer Science would be almost identical today, even if the term…

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  • John Hawkins: Renaissance Admiral During The Renaissance

    John Hawkins: Renaissance admiral John Hawkins was an English admiral and privateer during the Renaissance. He spent majority of his adult life as a slave trader and, eventually, helped defeat the Spanish Armada (Funk, 1, “Hawkins, Sir John”). Hawkins, an admiral during the Renaissance, made a large difference during the time that he was alive. Hawkins, born in 1532 in Plymouth, England (Funk, 1, “Hawkins, Sir John”). He originally began his life as a merchant and later became the first…

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  • Admiral Yamamoto's Attack On Pearl Harbor

    Japan hoped to make the U.S. surrender before it could enter World War ll by using midget submarines to bomb them from under the sea level then tried to bomb them from above with fighter planes. The first step was the Japanese sent fighter planes to carry midgets to submarines so they could attack the U.S.. Then they tried to bomb the U.S. by using fighter planes because the Japanese thought that the U.S. would surrender after they used multiple try at doing that they failed. Leading up to…

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