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  • Rock Music Vs Classical Music Essay

    Think of music, think of how it makes people feel when they listen to it. Sounds are vibrations that allow for humans to hear. The sounds people hear can be disliked, like the sound of nails on a chalk broad, or enjoyed, like the sounds of rain falling. Music is just like sound but with words and a specific type of rhythm. In the same way as sound certain people can hate classical music but can like rock music. Classical and rock music are classified into different types of genres. Genres are ways people deceiver one type of rhythm and tone from another. Although classical and rock music are seen to have many differences between them, yet seem to share one similarity in what meaning they really express. Picture a fancy theater somewhere in the city. People are dressed up in nice suits and dresses standing in a lobby with red velvet flooring with white and gold decorated walls. Going in to the theater, a huge stage is all set up for an orchestra that’s going to play. The orchestra walks out all dressed up and sits down in and orderly fashion. As the musicians play, the…

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  • Favorite Song Analysis Essay

    was December 16, 1977 and it was released as a single. "Lovely Day" peaked at #6 on the Billboard R&B chart and at #30 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the US in early 1978.[1] Rhythm “Lovely Day” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYi7uEvEEmk) is a song that I impart into my life on a daily basis, mainly because of its positive message and wonderful musicianship. The Rhythm is more of an andante or moderato tempo. The meter of this song is in a 4/4 beats per measure time signature. Throughout…

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  • Observation Of Kaleidoscope

    However, here the concert changed track completely; All three performers got up from or set their instruments down and stood in a line. Then, Douglas explained that the trio would be performing an African chanting rhythm. This was a large step away from each of their own respective backgrounds, and that was obvious in their manner while performing. However, the performance itself was exuberant. It began as a chanting rhythm with words in an unfamiliar language and manifested into the three…

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  • Tin Pan Alley's Lasting Impact On Popular Music

    it named ‘Tin Pan Alley’? • In the first half of the 20th century, the primary way of selling music was sheet music. Tin Pan Alley was a name given to those who were in the sheet music business: writers and publishers. About a hundred years ago, Tin Pan Alley got its start in New York City. Because of the many song writers plunking out their song ideas on rows of pianos sounded like a bunch of people banging tin cans, the locals began to call this Tin Pan Alley. 2. Who was Les Paul? What…

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  • Learning Guitar Lessons

    The future of learning how to play the guitar may be now. Learning to play the guitar using hi-tech interactive learning tools has many of the same advantages as buying a guitar online. Obviously, one advantage is that you don 't have to leave your home. Another advantage is your teacher is always there for you. Some of the methods of teaching online are so thoroughly designed and technically accurate that in my opinion a guitar player can find exactly what type of lessons that can be purchased…

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  • The Similarities And Differences Of Martin Luther King Jr. And Malcolm X

    The crowd generously cheers as I exit, and with a smile on my face, I gently place my guitar in its case and go home to rest because the next day awaits another performance. Ultimately, my life is a series of different performances. Each song that I play possesses its own unique rhythms and strumming patterns, but the chord progression remains the same. Each task that I take on includes its own circumstances and barriers, but the attributes remain the same. Although I continue to grow and strive…

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  • Middle Eastern Music Analysis: Sands Of Arabia

    The piece was entitled “Sands of Arabia.” It had an Egyptian- sounding melody with completely different rhythm being played from the Percussion section. It had very strong beats with legato phrases from the string instruments. The more I listen, I am reminded of snake charming music. Then by the end of the first minute, the melody completely changes.There are hard drum hits which lead to a call started drums to the strings. In which the strings respond with rapid phrases. The song ends with a…

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  • Miles Davis So What Analysis

    It really peaked my interest and resonated with me producing a very favorable reaction. I did not felt a sense of confusion not knowing where the melody and the rhythm of the song was heading towards. Instead of confusion, I felt excitement as it reminded me of other songs I have heard before. It reminded me of a certain part of the song “Sivad” by Miles Davis. During the 9’13” mark in the song “Sivad”, there is a sporadic playing coming from the electric guitar as the rest of the band played…

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  • Essay On Country Music

    both Elvis and Johnny Cash released country albums (Krystal Migliara). Then in 1960, the gender gap in country music is broken as Patsy Cline becomes one of the most recognized and influential country artist of all time. One year later the country hall of fame is established. Next, in 1974 iconic country artist Willie Nelson hosted his first annual 4th of July Picnic event (Krystal Migliara). All of this has grown the genre country and shaped classical country, leading country music to be the…

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  • Café La Maze Concert Report

    their Jazz night, which hosted the Jazz band Burnett 's Bliss. Burnett Anderson is the leader of the band, vocalist and horn player; his fellow band members are, Lynn Willard on the keyboards, Ronnie Stewart on the drums, and Robert Sebastian on the guitar. The band members are very friendly and helpful. After my friends and I were seated at a table, the guitarist approached us and offer to provide us a list of the musicians and the title of the first song of the show. I then proceeded to ask…

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