Tin Pan Alley's Lasting Impact On Popular Music

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1. What is Tin Pan Alley? Where did it originate? Why was it named ‘Tin Pan Alley’?
• In the first half of the 20th century, the primary way of selling music was sheet music. Tin Pan Alley was a name given to those who were in the sheet music business: writers and publishers. About a hundred years ago, Tin Pan Alley got its start in New York City. Because of the many song writers plunking out their song ideas on rows of pianos sounded like a bunch of people banging tin cans, the locals began to call this Tin Pan Alley.

2. Who was Les Paul? What material(s) did he use to construct the first Solid-Body Electric Guitar? What does “overdubbing” mean?
• Les Paul was a guitarist and inventor. His innovations in electronics and recording throughout the 1950s had a lasting impact on popular music. Les Paul was a pioneer in experimenting with the solid-body electric guitar- which he constructed out of a railroad tie and called “the log”-Paul invented the first solid body electric guitar. Paul developed the first multitrack tape machine by synchronizing several tape machines to produce a more flexible methods of “overdubbing” in the early 1950s.
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Country and Western music generally remained regional (isolated in certain areas) until after 1945. Where did the two regional styles originate in the name? Give details in your explanation.
• Country and Western music can be divided into two distinct styles of folk music. Country music originated in the north with a southern track down the Appalachian Mountains into the southeast. Country music derived from European folk styles predominately from the British Isles. Western began from the area of Texas westward into the Southwest and

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