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  • Nanking Massacre Essay

    As of December 10 of 1937, the committee consist of 27 members.”We were now a community of 27-18 Americans, 5 Germans, 1 Englishman, 1 Austrian and 2 Russians.” (Fitch 3) Each member took a responsibility to protect a area. For example George Fitch was part of the YMCA and Minnie Vautrin protect Ginling College for girls. Minnie Vautrin and Tsen Shui- Fang is one of many heroes that needs to be learn about. Minnie was in charge if the Ginling College and puts everything in order. Ginling College is reserve only for girls and women. In Nanking the committee can say that the rapeing was so terrifying that it’s unbearable. It was morally wrong, the Japanese were acting like barbaric maniacs. To protect the girls from being hurt, Vautrin mention in her diary that girl’s had their hair cut and face blacken probably with ash. “Wish someone were here who had time to. Write the sad story of each person—especially that of the younger girls who had blackened their faces and cut their hair.” (Vautrin 1). Tsen Shui- Fang is a nurse that work in the College. She does help tend wounds of ex-soldiers that is help guarding the College. Also she teaches the young girls and help widows without a job skilled. Without Minnie and Tsen thousand more girls would have been harmed each day. The Ginling College also had the help of Francis Chen who helped disguise the school to an look foreigner's school. “They hung eight U.S.!flags in strategic locations around the college. They had the old signs…

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  • The Rape Of Nanking Analysis

    Locke states that "in the state of nature every one has the executive power of the law of nature... it is unreasonable for men to be judges in their own cases...that ill nature, passion and revenge will carry them too far in punishing others; and hence nothing but confusion and disorder will follow," (Locke 12). In the state of nature every man has the power to judge for himself what is right, and this is unreasonable because some men do not act reasonably. The Japanese soldiers are the ones who…

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  • Openness In Good Will Hunting

    Will Hunting- Impulsive, Fixated, & Unopen to Experience Michelle McDevitt Student at University of Michigan – Dearborn Abstract Will Hunting is the main character from the movie Good Will Hunting (Armstrong, Gordon, Weinstein, Weinstein, & Van Sant, 1997). Will is incredibly intelligent, loyal to his friends and has the potential to do great things. He is also deeply flawed, the ones that I will be focusing on in this paper are from two humanistic perspectives and one behavioral perspective.…

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  • Superego Conflict In Good Will Hunting

    Why do we act the way we do? What makes us who we are? Questions debated since scientists and psychologists first brought up Nature vs. Nurture. While it 's true and very much proven that we have biological gene markers and traits that are passed on, it’s a lot more than that. Who we are, our core personality is also carved out of events that happen to us, especially in the early developmental years. An exemplary example of how childhood experiences influence our adult personality is the movie…

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  • Essay On The Nanjing Massacre

    Minnie Vautrin dairy further claims that when the Japanese brought food the Chinese, instead of rejecting it, they ate it like animals. According to Mitter, there was uncertainty of Chinese nationalism and if people were committed to that type of ideology. The fall of Nanjing was symbolic because the city represented the cultural resonance for all Chinese. The city was known for its architecture and the livid lifestyle of the middle class. It was a symbol of technological and environmental…

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  • Summary Of Iris Chang's The Rape Of Nanking

    interviewed any survivors that she could as well some Japanese veterans who were present for the occupation of China’s capital. One of the key components of her research came from the diary of John Rabe a Nazi occupant of Nanking who was in charge of the “safety zone”. And the other belonged to Minnie Vautrin and American Missionary who sheltered thousands of Chinese women and Children within the safety zone. That quote about Chang and her sense of rage about the events in Nanking really…

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  • Nanking In China

    statements. His claims were backed up by his staff officers (Levene 224). Japan officials are very sensitive about this topic and will deny any acquisition that they are accused of. It finally concluded in 1938 after other countries stopped them. Since the International Committee was in charge of the safety zones the Chinese government abandoned Nanking until the war subsided. Eventually Japan left too since the only people left were in the safety zones that they could not enter (David). In…

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