James Brown: The Godfather Of Soul

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In his book, James Brown the Godfather of Soul, he states “I wasn’t supposed to be James. I wasn’t supposed to be Brown. And I wasn’t supposed to be alive.” (Brown & Tucker, chapter 1 pg. 1) In Barnell, South Carolina in a one room shack on May 3, 1933, James Joe Brown Jr. was born. (Brown & Tucker, chapter 1 pg. 1) From the very beginning, Brown’s life had various struggles from his mother leaving to his father’s gambling habit. (Brown & Tucker, pg.4-7) Despite his father’s gambling habit, Brown considered his father “hardworking” and to quote him “I think I got a lot of my drive from him”. (Brown & Tucker, pg. 7) Eventually his dad left, leaving his aunt to raise him around prostitution, gambling and bootlegging. (Brown & Tucker, chapter …show more content…
(Feeney 2006) Feeney (2006) explains the churning polyrhythms of songs like “Cold Sweat” and “I Got You (I Feel Good)” imbue them with a freshness that has kept them a mainstay of class hits on radio formats and even commercials. (Feeney 2006) Mr. Brown’s live recording album, “Live at Apollo” took his career to another level and encouraged other artists to record live. (Feeney 2006) Feeney (2006) states “many rock critics have called it the greatest of all live albums”. James Brown wanted to create his own sound so he could be distinguished from other artists. As Feeney (2006) talks about James Brown and his hit single 1965 “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” and different style from other artists of his time, he …show more content…
In his article “James Brown, 73; 'Godfather of Soul' Influenced Many Genres, Generations.” he writes:
At least four genres of music are unthinkable without Mr. Brown. He had an enormous impact on rhythm and blues and soul. All but single-handedly, he created funk. And through his numerous recordings sampled by rap artists, he provided the rhythmic underpinnings for hip-hop.
Gardner agrees with the affect that Brown’s music had on other genres, she says “Soul, funk, hip-hop, dance music, rock 'n' roll — it is indeed impossible to overstate the influence that Brown had on all these now frequently interwoven forms”. (Gardner 2014) Brown made such an impact on the music industry that even his former bass player, Bootsy Collins considered him as "the rhythm of the universe. It was as if he had the DNA of soul power programmed within his soul and then masterfully sprinkled the universe with it." (Gardner

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