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  • The Rape Of Nanking Analysis

    The Rape of Nanking by Iris Chang relates the invasion of Nanking by the Japanese army and narrates what the Japanese did to the Chinese army, citizens and other people of the city and how the different people acted during the event. Iris Chang's description of the Japanese soldiers, the Chinese, and the Westerners follow what Machiavelli, Locke, and Rousseau say about human nature. Their ideas on how people behave in the state of nature and Machiavelli's behaviors that leaders should exhibit are unfolded in how the Japanese, the Chinese, and the Westerners act in The Rape of Nanking. The Japanese soldiers reporting on how they felt committing atrocities on the Chinese of Nanking supports Machiavelli's view on human nature. Machiavelli states,…

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  • Nanking By Iris Chang Summary

    ‘This book was written with George Santayana’s immortal warning in mind: Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Iris Chang wrote this book in order to spread the stories of the atrocities Japan had committed during 1937 through 1945. It touches on the treatments Korea, Thailand, and Philippines had endured, however it focuses the most on Nanking, China. Chang writes every blunt detail about the horror the Chinese people had to endure, because the Japanese government…

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  • The Rape Of Nanking By Iris Chang

    Nowadays China is the country with the highest safety factor in the world, but China has been scarred by aggression in the modern history. The book “The Rape Of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust Of World War II” records the history which hundreds of evil deeds committed by Japanese troops in Nanjing, China.This book has been translated into more than fifteen languages and shocked the world at that time when it published. History will not forget the pain it used to have, because it is the eternal…

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  • Analysis: Bonding Over A Mascot By Iris Chang

    vote.Even fighting against discriminatory laws put in place by racist people like blacks being told to celebrate the emancipation of the US from the British when the blacks were still slaves to the whites.But during the 1800’s some of these rights and amendments were kept from immigrants and slaves,even basic human kindness was kept from them as they were looked down on as inferior races to the whites,that notion was proven wrong as you’ll find as you read this essay. An example of these…

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  • Eileen Chang Sealed Off Analysis

    the writer Eileen Chang did not. Her writing instead focused on the day-to-day life of average people and their relationships and absurdities. Eileen Chang uses the interactions in Sealed Off to reflect what she perceives as the unthinking nature of the people of Shanghai. Eileen Chang very clearly insinuates that the people of Shanghai don’t think at all. She describes a man who rolls walnuts in his hand: “a rhythmic little gesture can substitute for thought” (Chang 1943). In Chang’s view,…

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  • Ronin Chang Pros And Cons

    Today I felt like Lord Varys [1] on the show Game of Thrones. “One of my birds told me people are whispering about Ronin Chang. Who he is, where did he come from and what does he want.” Quite humorous. I have heard this time and time again: “How come I never heard of him”, “what does he want?” and other similar things. Who is Ronin Chang? Ronin Chang is a security professional with many years of experience of in the security related industry. Security surrounding networking, systems, architects,…

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  • Identification And Synthesis Essay

    decade has seen the rapid development of iris identification in many approaches to identify unique iris features such as crypts. However, it is noted that, unique iris feature change due to iris aging, diet or human health conditions. The changing of iris features creates the mismatch in comparison phase to determine either genuine or not genuine. Therefore, to determine genuinely, this study proposes a new model of iris recognition using combinational approach of a split block and particle…

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  • Myris Research Papers

    2a. The computer based innovation represented by my computational artifact is called Myris. Myris is a biometric security system that scans one’s iris to algorithmically process video images of the user’s eye signing them into secure websites, devices and other personal profiles. The intended purpose of Myris is to eliminate the utilization of standard passwords and to create a secure and foolproof method for accessing personal data. Simply put, “It lets anyone sign into accounts on websites or…

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  • Symbolism In Lan Samantha Chang's 'Water Names'

    Lan Samantha Chang’s short story, “Water Names,” on the basis is three sister listening to their grandmother retell them an ancient legend or commonly considered a ghost story. The grandmother finishes the story abruptly leaving the children with many questions, as well as the reader. However if the story is read in-depth, one realizes that the interplay between the present setting and actions with the ancient legend holds an underlining meaning—desire in all forms and the disruption between old…

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  • Analysis Of Hunger By Lan Samantha Chang

    Parents always have a favorite child even if they don 't admit it. In Lan Samantha Chang 's short story "Hunger" Tian and Min have a favorite child. Tian is a musician who moved from China to start his career in New York. Min is from Taiwan but moved to New York to receive an education. They met up one day and eventually got married and had children. Their first daughter was Anna she was nothing special to either of her parents, but she behaved and cared about her parents culture. Ruth, the…

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