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  • Theme Of Equality 7-2521 In Ayn Rand's Anthem

    “I shall choose my friends among men, but neither slaves nor masters. And I shall choose only such as please me, and them I shall love and respect, but neither command nor obey.” (Rand 96). So says Equality 7-2521 in Ayn Rand’s “Anthem”. Equality lives in a society where every aspect of life is controlled by the leaders of society, even who becomes the next leaders. This society is one that claims to be perfect, it strives to be a utopia, and all of its residents naturally agree and conform to this society’s standards. No one has ever been disgruntled about this “perfect” tyranny, except for Equality. Equality is the only one to ever see something wrong with the society, the only one to question the leader’s decisions, and he was right to…

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  • Relationships In Ayn Rand's Anthem

    In the book, Anthem, by Ayn Rand, one of the main themes revolves around relationships. The relationship between Equality and the Golden One is very special because in their society they are not allowed to talk to the opposite gender, let alone look at one another, but they feel a connection so strong they try making it work. Equality knows how special the Golden One is and tries to forget about her, but he knows he can’t and needs her in his life. Throughout the course of the text, the theme of…

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  • Individuality Vs. Conformity In Ayn Rand's Anthem

    In the book Anthem by Ayn Rand, Equality 7-2521 is a young man who struggles to find ways to show his true self because he lives in a society based on conformity. Ayn Rand uses the symbols of the light bulb, the Uncharted Forest, and his new name to demonstrate the conflict of individuality versus conformity in order to demonstrate the importance of individuality and self-discovery. Thus, through the use of these symbols, Ayn Rand is able to integrate the theme of individuality versus conformity…

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  • Symbolism In The Novel Anthem, By Ayn Rand

    Forgiving Oneself The Russian Revolution was a tragic event that began on March 8, and lasted until November 8 1917. During this period of time, the communists conquered the entire country and began to confiscate property from people, including that of the novelist, Ayn Rand. In fact, the Rand family lost the majority of what they owned, including their pharmacy. This period of hardship and loss provided ideas for her novel, Anthem. Essentially, Anthem is a novella written by Ayn Rand in the…

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  • Objectivism And Diction In Anthem By Ayn Rand

    The edits and revisions of Ayn Rand’s novella, Anthem, strengthen the message that collectivism is oppressive and objectivism is necessary for an individual to function. Rand’s edits of diction and sentence structure assist in developing the meaning of the novella. Ayn Rand, author of the novella Anthem, utilizes diction and sentence structure in order to develop the villainy of collectivism and the virtue of objectivism. Rand’s choice of diction in the edited novella complicates and confuses…

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  • Equality's Society In Anthem, By Ayn Rand

    In the novel Anthem by Ayn Rand, the main character Equality’s society is built on strict rules and guidelines. These rules are enforced from the time they are born. They are taught never to love, have any self motivation, or individuality. Equality breaks free from these rules, and lives in the Uncharted Forest with Liberty, someone who also broke free from The City. Equality envisions creating his own society, one far different from the society he has raised in. Although Equality’s ideal…

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  • Comparing Dystopian Literature In The Giver And Anthem

    Teens love that Dystopian Literature Throughout the years, teens have favored different types of literature; thus, teens are able to find their favorite type and dive into it. After Harry Potter and other types of fictional series had their time in the spotlight, but a new type of literature has come into it’s place. A darker, more serious matter, is in favor of teens, dystopian literature. Apart from utopian societies, dystopian societies show a darker, more sinister type of literature, which…

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  • How Is Equality Revealed In Ayn Rand's Anthem

    Council because he believed they were wrong. If I have strong opinions, I would do the same as Equality, which is to be respected. “I understand that centuries of chains and lashes will not kill the spirit of man nor the sense of truth within him”(p.96). Anthem is a novel about a society based in the future, but is more like one from the past. In Anthem, Ayn Rand incorrectly uses the word “we” on purpose to get us to realize how Equality 7-2521 lives his…

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  • Equality 7-2521 In Ayn Rand's Anthem

    In the novel Anthem, written by Ayn Rand, Equality 7-2521 is trying to escape the means of collectivism, which the author writes, "Collectivism holds that the individual has no right, that his right and work belong to the group (to society, to the tribe, the state, the nation) and that the group may sacrifice him at its own whim to its own interests"(Ayn Rand). Equality 7-2521's anthem is his strong personality, and individualism, much like: And, you know, being able to wear the Stars and…

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  • Analysis Of Ayn Rand's Anthem: The Formation Of A Collective Society

    The Formation of a Collective Society “Totalitarianism begins with using the word “we” without every I’s permission” (Wiśhiewski). In Anthem, Ayn Rand gives a glimpse of what it is like to live in a collective society. Equality 7-2521 is unlike his brothers and is “cursed” because of those differences. Throughout the story, Equality goes on various adventures such as finding light and leaving his society along with its collective nature. The process behind creating a collective society in…

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