Quinceañeras Essay

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Quinceañeras In several different Latino-American countries and cultures, when a person becomes 15 it is perhaps the most significant event worthy of a huge celebration. There is a history to quinceañera that is generally tied with religion, although the religious aspect of a Quinceañera is not always practiced today. In the Unite States many families of Latino decent are also beginning to infuse the American Sweet Sixteen with the traditional Quinceañera. Although Quinceañeras are not always as traditional now as they were in the past, they are still a very important time in a girl’s life.
The roots of Quinceañeras go back to the indigenous tribes of Mexico such as the Mayas, Incas, Aztecs, and so on, who all had traditional ceremonies when
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In the past quince dress were always worn in white or pink but now really any color is accepted and worn. For most families the first event is the church mass, the religious ceremony of a Quinceañera is still performed by many families today. This usually occurs before the celebration and classes before this special mass have to be completed in order to be able to hold the ceremony at all. It is a special mass traditionally at a catholic church where the young woman celebrates her faith and her religion usually with just a few family members such as her parents and padrinos but it changes from family to family. Her chambelan and her court of honor may sometimes attend as well. After the mass it is usually time for the photoshoot of the Quinceañera being celebrated and her family, although this is sometimes before the church ceremony too. Following that the party begins. The celebration may take place in a home but it is more commonly set in a venue or ball room. Along with the young woman being celebrated, family, traditions, culture, food, and drink are all being rejoiced and enjoyed. The food varies from family to family but it is generally an authentic food of the families’ native home. These parties are usually very big being that many Latino-American families generally have huge families. Since this is such an important time in a Latinas life, family members who live far away will travel to be there on her special

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