Quinceanera Celebration

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In Spanish-speaking cultures, it is common that when a girl turns fifteen her family throws her a Quinceañera. The Quinceañera is like a “Sweet 15” or in American culture a “Sweet 16”. A Quinceañera is referred to as a mini boda or a miniature wedding. This celebrates the maturity of the young adult. Since this is a religious celebration it is expected that the young adult will live a life full of honesty and dedication to God. The celebration takes place in a church and then a reception at the family's home or a reception hall. The celebration itself is called a Quinceañera and the birthday girl is called the Quinceanera as well.
The Quinceañera began taking place in European cultural traditions among the Aztec Indians because in that time
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She selects fifteen people, including her parents, siblings, neighbors and friends and dedicates a candle to each of them. During this, she will give a speech, about how each of those individuals helped her to achieve maturity and how they are special to her. This is typically the most emotional part of the whole celebration. Another popular ceremony is the Changing of the Shoes. The father changes the young girl's flat shoes to high heels. This is a symbol of the Quinceanera's transformation from a little girl to a young lady. After all the ceremonial traditions it is time to let loose and have fun and celebrate the accomplishes of the …show more content…
One important thing it signifies is she is officially allowed to date. And in historical context, it meant she was ready to marry at fifteen. The gifts given by the attendees and the family have symbolic meaning to the quinceanera as well as aspects of the Quinceañera celebration. The Quinceañera celebration itself is a large gift from the parents of the birthday girl. The gown that she wears shows her femininity and style. The rings she is given represents her bond with God, her family, and her community.
The typical gifts given to the quinceanera are a Bible, scepter, tiara/crown, and a cross. The symbolism behind the Bible is a resource for following God's word.The cross signifies the faith in God, herself and her world while showing her devotion to the Catholic church. The crown replaces a headband and shows her as a “princess” before God and as a step over childhood and into the real world to face challenges. Lastly, the scepter symbolizes authority and responsibility for her life now as a young

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