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  • How Did Mavis Influence The Civil Rights Movement

    Mavis Staples made an impact on the civil rights movement as a singer. Mavis was in a singing group with her father, brother Pervis, and her two sisters Yvonne and Cleotha.(Family Circle) The family band was created after her father gave up his job as a cotton picker in Illinois. Mavis, at only age ten became the lead singer of the Staples Singers. Her voice sounded a lot older and much bolder than a singer her age should. This group was just the start of the impact that Mavis had on the Civil Rights movement. In 1946 the band made their first official debut. They were given the opportunity to sing in a church in Chicago and the crowd loved them. From then on, the Staples Singers performed more songs and were given the chance to record an album. Their first single was dropped in 1953 called “These Are They”. The Royal Company was the record label that picked them up and gave them their first break. The following year they released their next single “Sit Down Servant” on United. In 1957 the Staples Singers got signed by Vee-Jay Records. With their song “Uncloudy Days” Mavis’ mature and strong vocals were able to reach national audiences. She was only at the age of fifteen when this song went nation wide and no one could believe it was just a little girl. The band toured nation wide sharing their songs with all groups of people. During this time they recorded two more hit songs: “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” and “This May Be The Last Time”. Yvonne took Pervis’ place in…

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  • A Part-Time Indian

    The book, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie, is about a boy named Junior. He is a Native American that lives in an Indian reservation. Junior does not live the happiest life, in fact Junior is poor, however, his family and him gets along with what they do have. Junior does not really accept himself because he struggles with several medical issues, and he’s been beaten up by others his whole life. However, things start to look up for him when he transfers to an…

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  • Hurricane Katrina Crisis Essay

    National Hurricane Center Director Max Mayfield warned that the “greatest potential for the nightmare scenarios, in the Gulf of Mexico anyway, is that New Orleans and southeast Louisiana area” (Msnbc 2005). Paying attention to Mayfield’s precautions, Federal Emergency Management Agency, also known as FEMA, piloted a “Hurricane Pam” exercise thirteen months before Katrina struck to evaluate how the city would handle a hypothetical Category 3 hurricane. The exercise projected an opening in the…

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  • Major General Curtis E. Lemay In American Aviation

    World War II was the event that incited a revolutionary period in airpower. American aviation more than proved its worth in the victories over both the European and Pacific theatre. A powerful airpower wouldn’t be possible much less successful without unyielding leadership. Powerful men, who refused to stay within the boundaries given to them by the Army or Washington itself. One such man was Major General Curtis E. LeMay. During his period leading the XXI bombing command proceeding General…

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  • Major General Curtis Lemay Thesis

    “I had to do something” –General Curtis E. LeMay Thesis Major General Curtis LeMay’s role as the commander of the XXI Bomber Command influenced the victory against Japan by his ultimate success in the areas of strategic, operational and tactical levels of warfare. Without LeMay’s innovation and gallantry the United States’ air warfare tactics would have continued to be ineffective against the Japanese homeland. LeMay’s focus on the Pacific theater of operation while commanding led to the largest…

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  • Three Day Road Quotes

    is another person at the end of his scope. A person who has gone through happiness and sadness, good times and bad, loved and was loved, just as Xavier has. It is this that allows for Xavier to maintain the notion that war is a horrible place, and one filled with brutality, injustice, and absurdity. Xavier’s views on the harsh reality of war have also surpassed Three Day Road. Curtis LeMay, a United States Air Force general, shares a view with Xavier that has deep roots within the novel.”Every…

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  • Role Of Environmental Advocacy

    levels around the globe, it is inevitable that advocates will face opposition from individuals, organisations and institutions with alternate values. It’s difficult to understand this conflict without using an example of the various roles individual has in society, and how that shapes the differences in outcomes they are striving to achieve. Charles Curtis said that everyone is driving his or her own agenda (Charles Curtis, 1951). A Banker is required to generate wealth for a client, a miner is…

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  • Curtis Lemay

    I was given the book “Lemay: The Life and Wars of General Curtis Lemay” as a birthday present in October. Before reading this book, I knew nothing about Curtis Lemay. I knew nothing about the Strategic Air Command. I knew little about the war overhead. I likely would not have picked up the book had it not been given to me because the cover image of the surly man with a cigar clenched in his mouth gives off an unfriendly air. Once I read the book, my opinions changed. I now find Lemay an…

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  • Scream Queens Analysis

    Within the first five minutes of the episode “Pilot” actress Jamie Lee Curtis appears and the viewers can infer that the show is going to be hilarious and at the same time terrifying. According to Welsh, “From the 1914 movie serial, Perils of Pauline, to Jamie Lee Curtis’ initial rise to fame as the “Scream Queen”, the portrayal of women in abject terror has been a staple of cinematic suspense” (Welsh 1). Scream Queens is replicating the original “Scream Queen” in a modern way by having Emma…

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  • The Conflict Model And The Consensus Model

    Without surprise, none were found to have any terrorist connections. In 2006, the US government passed the Military Commissions Act, which allowed the indefinite imprisonment of anyone who supposedly donated money to a charity that turns up on a list of ‘terrorist organizations.’ The government saw Muslim-Americans’ negative attitudes toward the ‘War on Terrorism’ as acts of terror, in which the Military Commissions Act allowed these people to be held as well (Curtis 2009). As many of us are…

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