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  • Monster Cinema Essay

    Monster Cinema: The Myth and History of the Spectacle In recent years, the monster genre has been dominated by zombies, vampires, werewolves, and supernatural creatures. Although these monsters terrify audiences, they don’t have the same impact as their larger, far more destructive counterparts. The kaiju, or giant monster, have been a neglected and misunderstood genre for a long time. It wasn’t until recently that these monsters started to make their way back on the silver screen. This paper will look into the history of giant monsters, using a cultural and socio-historical criticism, in an attempt to explain the resurgence of the genre. The first giant-monsters to star in a movie were the dinosaurs in the 1925 silent film, The Lost World.…

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  • Climate Change In Pacific Rim

    this observation of climate change by comparing the film’s antagonists to natural disasters. When humanity defeats the Kaiju, Japanese for “strange beasts”, Pacific Rim shows the audience the only way to save Earth from climate change is to work together as a species and use cleaner sources for energy. Pacific Rim’s opening monologue hints at the grand allusion from the beginning. To do this, the narrator tells the audience a story about when the first Kaiju attacks occurred: “I was 15 when…

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  • Godzilla Research Paper

    Very Raw Godzilla’s Origin “What did Godzilla say when he saw a rush-hour train full of passengers? “Chew-Chew”” (Dahl and Jeralds-8). Godzilla, an idea of that begins as symbolism for humanities atrocities and mass destructions has developed into an infamous representation for global issues as well as an immortal icon for many film industries. To begin with, Godzilla is a fictional gigantic dinosaur-like monster known as a Kaiju (meaning strange beast in Japanese’s genre) and its origin derived…

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  • The Treads Of Rithisak's Family

    his household until two more mouths, thankfully the last addition to their bustling numbers, were added to the budget. At the age of eleven Rith witnessed the first ever Kaiju to appear from the breach, and it absolutely terrified him. Only images on store front televisions had crossed his path yet his heart raced as if the creature were breathing down his neck. While it seemed selfish and inconsiderate he merely went back to the life he’d been living too overwhelmed with his current issues to…

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  • A Sound Of Thunder Language Analysis

    The author’s description is as follows, “Its armored flesh glittered like a thousand green coins, the coins crusted with slime, steamed” (85); “Like a stone idol, a mountain avalanche, the dinosaur fell” (86) (cs3). Bradbury used a simile of an avalanche to describe the dinosaur; obviously the tyrannosaur is gargantuan (cs2). Drawing conclusions author Ray Bradbury uses language of figurativeness to make the story terrifyingly nightmarish while leading us to believe this kaiju cannot be…

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