The Treads Of Rithisak's Family

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Smiling faces, meals eaten together, and an affectionate family were the staples of Rithisak 's childhood. His mother worked as a seamstress and his father had a miniature market squared in the center of town which brought in a majority of the Seng income. Being the eldest of five was never much of a pleasant position yet he did what he could to keep those younger than him in order. Their home was of average size with a few blemishes here and there but it was a place that nurtured him so overlooking such minor flaws was an easy task, especially when he spent a majority of his time chasing after his unruly siblings. To be honest the childhood that shaped him into the man he is today consisted of average issues that most households have and parents …show more content…
His mother was barely twenty when she ended up getting pregnant with him, which left her unprepared for motherhood yet she tried to make do with what was available. Coming from an already economically suffering household did little to provide useful skills or knowledge so by the time Rith had hit four months money was tight. With limited options his mother ended up pursuing the more…frowned upon lines of work, such as prostitution. He’d barely hit the age of four when another bouncing bundle of joy entered their meager abode yet that was the start of his childhood going by the wayside. While the baby had appeared cute and mystifying at first glance the tides soon changed to show just how needy little one’s were. With an absent mother drifting in and out there was no choice but to make do. Mistakes were made yet Rithisak grew accustomed to the changes that were required to be a proper parent with relatively ease, all traces of the once worry free boy …show more content…
Survival was more important than what could be learned from a text book so he shipped his siblings off to school at the tender age of seven and began searching out work. Poverty was rampant in the slums of Cambodia which left no one willing to hire full grown adults, no less an unskilled child. To combat such misfortune at being unable to lawfully obtain money Rith set to stealing to keep those under his care fed, and eventually he went from taking the occasional piece of bread or fruit from stands to nabbing the wallets of those that wandered too close. Sticky fingers, a charismatic aura, and the agility to escape were all that kept him from being locked away behind bars, though the authorities aversion of the lesser parts of their country helped. For a couple of years there was plenty of money to go around and things seemed to be looking up for his household until two more mouths, thankfully the last addition to their bustling numbers, were added to the

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