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  • 7 11 Case Study

    The 7-Eleven Empire: The Global Expansion Introduction & History The evolution of an empire in the coming years. As this company was emerging early in 1927, when there were General stores or street vendors. The first store was established from an ice factory called Southland Ice by an employee named John Jefferson Green. John decided to sell some quick assessable items like bread, eggs, and milk in a location in Dallas, Texas. In 1946, Tote’m store change the empire into a global industry revamping the name and the hours of operation to meet customer’s needs. The hub of the world’s retail stores are known to be 7-Eleven franchises they are the fastest growing convenient stores. Mission & Vision The company’s mission is to simplify the…

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  • What Caused The Collapse Of World Trade Center 7

    World Trade Center 7 collapsed on the same day as World Trade Centers 1 and 2 but had a completely unrelated cause raising countless eyebrows as to what actually happened. It is stated that if the twin towers had not also come down that the collapse of World Trade Center 7 “would probably have captured the attention of the city and the world,” but since this event was dwarfed by the collapse of the Twin Towers, the mystery was never discussed. As more information regarding what really happened…

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  • CBM Observation Report

    conducting will be the hiding assessment. This assessment will show “Children who are able to subtract with ease and efficiency know the parts of number and see the relationship between composition and decomposition of numbers and addition and subtraction.” Kathy Richardson, Assessing Math Concepts: Hiding Assessment. Didax Publishing, page 26. The probe will first be probing for the student’s ability to see part-whole number relationships. For each of the students I started off with the number…

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  • Heuristic And Accessibility Evaluation Of Wordpress. Com

    evaluate Wordpress, an open source website creation tool that simplifies the process of blogging and website content management. The heuristic evaluation will be performed using the “heuristics” provided by Jacob Nielsen. For this evaluation, ten heuristics were used to analyze the core functionalities of Wordpress, which include creating blogs, managing website content easily and conveniently for users with no or very knowledge of coding. The goal is to identify major usability flaws in the…

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  • Portfolio Milestone

    Portfolio Milestone – Phase 1/ Option #1 Statement of Problem/ Needs I am being hired on as an Information Technology (IT) professional to set up an office of approximately 20 people for a small business firm. They desire half of the employees to be using desktop computers and the other half to be using laptops. They also desire a wire-less network that can be utilized by the laptops and wire-less printing and scanning capabilities for the whole office. The desktops will be hard-wired to the…

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  • Eat Bulaga Case Study

    Chapter I. Introduction Background of the Study Eat Bulaga is a staple in noontime television for Filipinos. Staying on air for almost four decades, Eat Bulaga first aired on July 30, 1979, being the the longest running noontime variety show in the Philippines (Carvajal 2016). Eat Bulaga captured the tastes of the audience for entertainment and introduced a number of segments such as the iconic “Laban o Bawi,” “Pinoy Henoy,” “Little Miss Philippines,” “That’s My Boy,” “Teevee Babe,” “Mr. Pogi”…

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  • Bankruptcy Vs Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    In Chapter 7 bankruptcy the debtor can keep any income they receive after their debt has been discharged, but in Chapter 13 bankruptcy, income must be used to repay debt during the repayment period. The advantages of filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy include most secured debts being discharged, the process moves fairly quickly, and creditors cannot contact the debtor while the automatic stay is in effect or after the debt has been discharged (Chapter 7 Bankruptcy vs. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy). The…

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  • Microsoft Competitive Analysis

    These office application greatly increased productivity and caused a groundbreaking effect. After 1995, Microsoft began to redefine its offerings and expand its product line into the field of computer networking and the World Wide Web. Windows 95, released on August 24, 1995, featured with a new look with a start button and came in bundle with online service MSN and Internet Explorer. Then, Microsoft release Windows XP and the Xbox together in 2001. The release of Xbox break through the market…

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  • Buster Shop Case Study

    effective to stimulate customers to buy more, or to request their colleagues to consolidate the purchase (Word-of-mouth advertising). Gifts are selected products from the store such as snack, stationery, chocolate, etc and will be changed each month to maintain freshness of the game. 4.6 Competition Despite of having the competitive edge of location, we anticipate Buster’s will face competition from 2 areas. A) Convenience Stores This competition will be from national franchises…

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  • Windows 10 Case Study

    you to snap up to 4 apps all placed on a single screen. In Windows 7 and 8, snapped apps took up to half of the screen but this is not the case in Windows 8. This will save time for those who are working so as to meet a deadline which is tight. 4. Cortana- this works in the same way as “Siri” in Apple. It provides the users with a personal assistance. What it does is that it gives you reminders, latest news and is also capable of learning your interests so that it can provide you with your…

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