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  • Essay On A Cappella

    is now making a strong comeback due to a cappella’s pureness compared to the advanced technology we so eagerly embraced in the past. Musicians have even modernized a cappella today by using their voices to create wonderful rhythms and vocal percussions. As Deke Sharon told Here & Now’s Robin Young, movie musicals and a cappella have experienced a renaissance because “So much in music now has become mechanized, there’s almost robotic tuning and lots of synthesizers, so people respond to the human voice and the connection that people feel when they hear…

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  • Pitch Perfect Character Analysis

    Sacrifices of a Leader In the movie Pitch Perfect, an all-girls a cappella singing group named the Barden Bellas compete against their rival team, The Treblemakers, to win their dream of becoming the International Champions of Collegiate A Cappella. The Barden Bellas go through a series of trial and error as they figure out a routine that will make themselves shine over their talented competition. In order to win the title, three main leaders, Jesse Swanson, Aubrey Posen and Beca Mitchell,…

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  • Soul Voices Concert Report

    This past Wednesday, Soul Voices, directed by Jazz Studies assistant professor Pete Malinverni held their Spring concert in the Recital Hall of the Music Building. As I walked into the hall, I was surprised by its size and beauty. I had only previously been in the choral hall directly across, and so it was certainly not what I was expecting. From the top of the raked audience, you could see a stage at floor level, framed by two short lighting trees, and dotted with choir risers. The greeters…

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  • Treble Choir

    On the evening of March fourteenth, the talented singers of Carl Sandburg High School put on an excellent performance for friends and family to enjoy. Although it was rather short concert, I still had the pleasure of hearing eight diverse groups sing at this year’s Winter Choir Concert. At 7 o’clock on the dot, the women of Treble Choir came out on stage. As the chatter in the audience hushed, the president of the group announced who they were and briefly talked about the two pieces they were…

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  • Isabella A Cappella Analysis

    Medium Length of Piece: 1:40 Accompanied or A Cappella: A Cappella Sacred or Secular: Sacred Comments: This is an A cappella piece that requires experienced singers. There are no extreme ranges. Ranges and tessitura are generally standard.. Highly recommended work for Easter as it’s a religious work. 2. Title: Factum est silentium Published: 1618 Composer/Arranger: Richard Dering Voicing: SSBB Language: Latin Difficulty Level: Medium Length of Piece: 2:48…

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  • Thundertones Social Network

    The Thundertones as a Social Network The Thundertones have been a central part of my social network during my time at Wheaton College. Thundertones is an a cappella group that pulls its members exclusively from the Wheaton College Men’s Glee Club. Being an elite section of a larger group gives the Thundertones an interesting social network in side of the Men’s Glee Club; however, due to the limitations of this project I have chosen to focus primarily on the social network of the Thundertones…

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  • Pentatonix Research Paper

    He got Kirstie and Mitch to sing with him, but the show required at least four members. Because of this, Scott met Avi Kaplan, a well known vocal bass in the a cappella community, Through a friend of his. Then the 3 found Kevin Olusola on youtube, a video of a guy beatboxing and playing the cello, called celloboxing. Kevin was born in Pasadena, California, he speaks Mandarin real fluent, after spending a year in China. They all five got together to perform in the sing-off 2011,…

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  • Bobby Mcferrin's Pentatonic Scale

    In the video Bobby McFerrin used the pentatonic scale as the foundation for his freestyling, he went low and high pitches while singing. He used beating on his chest as the beat and to keep tempo. The way Bobby McFerrin was using beating his hand against his chest as a beat can make the song have a jazzy feel to it. I enjoyed listening to Bobby McFerrin sing, I thought it had a nice overall tone to it. It was catchy and make me want to dance. Another person might not take it the way I did, one…

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  • Claudio Monteverdi Research Paper

    of madrigals and forty operas. Claudio Monteverdi was born in Cremona Italy on May 15, 1567. His father was a Barer-surgeon and alchemist. While it is not confirmed, it is believed that post of his parents were musically inclined because of the later musical success on Claudio and his brother. As a child, Monteverdi served as a chorister and studied undedr Marc Antonio Ingegneri. Marc Ingegneri was the maestro di cappella at the cathedral in Cremona. Monteverdi was considered somewhat of child…

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  • Luther Movie Critique

    As I watched the film Luther, I realized that the film displayed a historically accurate representation of Martin Luther and the Reformation of the Catholic Church. The first scene of the movie opened upon the church with an archway at the end of the nave lined with Corinthian columns. Also at the end of the nave was an altar and apse, typically scene in many church layouts of the time period, not to mention the church had stained glass rose windows and statues of several saints with in the…

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