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  • Heuristic And Accessibility Evaluation Of Wordpress. Com

    Heuristic and Accessibility Evaluation of Wordpress.com This report provides an analysis of the heuristic evaluation used to evaluate Wordpress, an open source website creation tool that simplifies the process of blogging and website content management. The heuristic evaluation will be performed using the “heuristics” provided by Jacob Nielsen. For this evaluation, ten heuristics were used to analyze the core functionalities of Wordpress, which include creating blogs, managing website content easily and conveniently for users with no or very knowledge of coding. The goal is to identify major usability flaws in the Wordpress website using Jacob Neilson’s ten heuristic evaluations: 1. Visibility of system status 2. Match between system and the real world 3. User control and freedom 4. Consistency and standards 5. Error prevention 6. Recognition rather than recall 7. Flexibility and efficiency of use 8. Aesthetic and minimalist design 9. Help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors 10. Help and documentation Introduction This report describes the heuristic process used to evaluate the Wordpress website and it’s findings. It describes the website, target audience and their goals from the website. Further on it provides and overview of the heuristic process and specific goals of the website and heuristic usability methods used during the evaluation walkthrough. Followed by a detailed summary of the findings and the problems discovered while using the…

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  • The Cathedral And The Bazaar: A Comparative Analysis

    attributes associated with good practice in open source software development" I added the points in the comments and tries to connect them to the relevent field of higher education in Italic fonts Suggestions/ conclusions "Some software products have a two-level architecture and a two-tier user community that combined a Cathedral-mode core and a Bazaar-mode toolbox. One such is MATLAB, a commercial data-analysis and visualization tool. Users of MATLAB and other products with a similar…

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  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Analysis

    The kernel can be compiled using the command # make zImage Follow steps 1 to 6 to activate other adc channels thereby creating a new c source code file each time. Figure 5: Bottom up flowchart of hardware-software integration Figure 6: Flowchart representation of application program 4. Control System Design: The most important part of designing a controller is to find a proper mathematical model representing the entire system. It is desired from the control system design aspect, that…

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  • A Critical Analysis Of 'The HYBRID'

    THE HYBRID is a sci-fi thriller with a solid concept. The idea of a young child disappearing and his desperate father fearing that aliens abducted him is a very appealing premise. The concept easily hooks the audience. While there’s a lot to really like about the premise, overall the script would benefit from more development. The story begins well. The first 13 pages are engaging. There’s a solid inciting event when the young boy, Micah, goes missing. The audience is emotionally invested in…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Selective Breeding

    Introduction The purpose of my research paper was to define and expand on what animal inbreeding and selective breeding is in the Herpetology world. I have provided definitions of both along with the pros and cons as well. Once done, I hope you will have a clear understanding of the uniqueness of each along with the positive and negative aspects of both topics. Both topics are allowed to be very objective, subjective, or opinionated; however, in the end, inbreeding and selective breeding…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Hyatt

    Hyatt Joins Forces with Bloom Energy, Emphasizing Strong Commitment to Sustainability and Innovation • Hyatt Hotels Corporation announced its new relationship with Bloom Energy • Hyatt Regency Greenwich will receive company’s first 500 kW fuel cell • Fuel cell will provide up to 75 percent of hotel’s energy load, generating significant cost savings • Hotel will reduce its carbon emissions by 40 percent by generating its own electricity on-site • Hyatt’s investment in fuel cell technology…

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  • Characteristics Of Vehicle To Grid

    Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) is one power technology of those attractive new energy storage technologies. It aggregated those vehicles with battery (Hybrid electric vehicles, battery electric vehicles, and plug- in hybrid electric vehicles) into the grid as a distributed resource of energy load, storage and generation device. It is not only adding the ability to deliver power from vehicle to the grid, but also can apply the power flow (Lund & Kempton, 2008). V2G technology provides potential solutions…

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  • The Importance Of Hope In Ernest J. Gaines's A Lesson Before Dying

    The most life- changing invention differs from person to person. Some might argue the most life- changing invention is the telephone, while others might argue it is the invention of vehicles. For me, it is the invention of the light bulb. Due to the invention of the light bulb, people have access to light whenever they desire, and they have no need to rely on the sunshine. Needless to say, this invention has changed everybody’s lives and light has became known as a beacon of hope in our society…

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  • Tesla Motors Master Plan

    Tesla, Inc. (formerly Tesla Motors) is an automaker, energy storage company, and solar panel manufacturer based in Palo Alto, California (Burns, 2015). The company is named after the famous electrical engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla and was founded in 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, two engineers who wanted to prove to people that electric vehicles could be better, quicker, and more fun to drive than gasoline cars (Tesla, n.d). During the early years of its incorporation, Tesla…

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  • Tesla Motors Case Analysis

    Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) is an innovative Electric Vehicle (EV) company that engages in designing, manufacturing and selling high-performance electric vehicles, electric vehicle powertrain components and energy storage systems. TSLA is currently producing and selling its second vehicle, the Model S sedan. TSLA has sold 77,507 Model S vehicles through 2nd quarter of 2015. TSLA differentiates itself on the basis of its innovative design, manufacturing, Powertrain engineering and vehicle…

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