Portfolio Milestone

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Portfolio Milestone – Phase 1/ Option #1
Statement of Problem/ Needs
I am being hired on as an Information Technology (IT) professional to set up an office of approximately 20 people for a small business firm. They desire half of the employees to be using desktop computers and the other half to be using laptops. They also desire a wire-less network that can be utilized by the laptops and wire-less printing and scanning capabilities for the whole office. The desktops will be hard-wired to the network and utilize dual-monitor displays with mouse and keyboard.
In drafting up the workspace, I noted a few possible problems. These problems were: user familiarity with the equipment (Alizadeh, 2012), getting the machines to sync with each other and setting up a uniform environment for IT troubleshooting. As such, I drafted to keep the office systems as uniform, user-friendly and compatible as possible. This will help the employees get familiar with their machines and how they work, reducing any training on the
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First, I wanted to address user familiarity. According to a recent survey; 25.4% of users are currently using Windows 10 (“OS Platform Statistics”, 2016). That makes it the most widely adopted, modern, OS and the best platform to use in the new office. As at a minimum 1-in-4 employees would already be familiar with the OS. I specifically chose the 64-bit Enterprise version of Windows 10 (W10) to anticipate the needs of the business. The 64-bit version combined with the 6GB of Random Access Memory will allow the users to run multiple applications at the same time and be able to have a dual-monitor display, without any dip in performance. W10 Enterprise also comes with Microsoft’s most advanced security, encryption and management features yet (“Windows 10 Editions”, n.d.). These features will ensure that the firm’s data will stay protected and any unauthorized machine access will be

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