Nt1210 Unit 3 Assignment

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According to the task given the office needs new computers along with a printer. The computers must be connected through a shared line so that data can be shared within the computers. The printer that is going to be used would also need to be connected with the computers so that every computers can share the printer which means the computers do not need individual printers to print something from them. So all in all we need LAN (Local Area Network) in this office.
A LAN (Local Area Network) is a computer network which works in a small area such as office. Most LANs are confined to a single working space, but however one LAN can be connected to other LANs via telephone lines or radio waves over any distance. Actually LAN connect workstations
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There are 3 (three) kinds of topology; Bus, Star and Ring topology for sharing data through computers. A Bus topology, also known as a line topology, is a network setup where each computer and network device are connected to a single cable. It is useful in small office networks since it uses less cable which is kind of advantage. But there is a very big disadvantage in using Bus topology which is if any of the segment in the network collapse it will also turn down all the other transmissions as well. In Figure 1 it shows a diagram of Bus …show more content…
The reasons for using this Star topology are many. We can use both wired connections or wireless connections according to the office 's needs. So it can also avoid the mess of wire. In this network a cable failure or suppose one of the workstation (such as computer, printer, scanner etc) is broken down then only the broken workstation will be isolated from the rest of the network, all the other workstations will work normally in the network. So if one workstation goes down then none of the other workstations will be affected. But if the central computer (the server) goes down or the hub or switch goes down then the entire network will fail. Still when the central computer goes down it will not affect the data of the other computers, so when the central computer is repaired again the network will start to work again. The main difference between the Star topology and the other two topology is that here when a workstation goes down, other than the server, the network will still be working, where in the other topologies there is no main server so when a workstation goes down it will also take down the whole network with it. This is the main important advantage for which we selected the Star topology. Other than this the Star topology is very high performing as no data collisions can occur. It is though a bit expansive topology than the other two topologies

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